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Today's Trumpery

[Welcome to the monkey house. A daily pastiche of Trumpisms and responses thereto. *RON*]

#SilentNoMore: An Open Letter to the CEOs Speaking Up for Equality and Human Rights, Ms
Under Trump, health reporters confront an information blockade, Columbia Journalism Review
'Legitimately Insane': To Scare Leakers, Sessions Wants to Polygraph White House Staff, Common Dreams
Hurricane Irma Linked to Climate Change? For Some, a Very ‘Insensitive’ Question. New York Times
Alaska may ask Trump to allow ANWR studies, E&E News [Decades-long battle to stop studies of how much oil exists underneath Arctic National Wildlife Refuges may now be lost]
U.N. rights boss urges U.S. Congress to give 'Dreamers' legal status, Reuters

Spare Parts

[A bit more of the usual overflow... *RON*]

25 Feminists Break Down Why We Must #StopBetsy and Stand With Campus Sexual Assault Survivors, Ms
A Brief Guide to U.S. Corporate Tax Reform, Harvard Business Review
How Can You Stop Cars From Plowing Into Crowds?, Slate [Answer: bollards]
Oil Companies Leaking Benzene Lobbied Against Pollution Rules, International Business Times [A known carcinogen]
Cleanup bill for toxic firefighting chemicals at military bases could reach $2 billion, The Spokesman-Review [So why do they continue dumping this on our homes whenever there's a forest fire?]
Most Experimental Drugs are Tested Offshore–Raising Concerns about Data, Scientific American [Mind you, we do a bang-up job of corrupt science right here in North America too!]
Sarbanes-Oxley, Bemoaned as a Burden, Is an Investor’s Ally, New York Times [Because the banksters need the Lebensraum to be even more corrupt!]
Bombardier culture at heart of bribery case, court told, Globe & Mail [O Canada! One of…

Hurricane Irma: Rich can sit pretty while poor wait and pray

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[One mother of all hurricanes, two very different experiences ahead of Florida storm. See also Tampa Bay Times, Scramble to flee Hurricane Irma underscores rich, poor divide. *RON*]
Ed Pilkington,  Guardian Service / Irish Times, 9 September 2017
This is a tale of two Irmas. First, there’s the Hurricane Irma facing Max Borges as he practised his short iron on a Miami Beach golf course just hours before one of the most powerful and deadly storms in modern times was scheduled to make landfall on the US mainland.

Borges, the 51-year-old owner of a PR agency, sat down with his wife and three children on Friday and ran over their prospects as Irma barrelled towards them, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Their home in Miami Beach, a wealthy island city that runs along the coast of Miami known for its celebrity residents and art deco buildings, is under mandatory evacuation order.

Yet they had so much going for them, they recognised. Food, wa…

Bill Black: Equifax Data Breach is a 10 out of 10 Scandal

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[In this Real News Network interview, financial regulation expert Bill Black discusses the hacking of consumer credit reporting giant Equifax, and the company’s ‘cynical’ handling of that data breach– a far-reaching disaster that borders on criminal. See also: Either Equifax’s Execs Have Some Explaining To Do Or Equifax’s Other Execs Have Some Explaining To Do; and How Equifax hackers could file taxes in your name and get a refund from the IRS. *RON*]

Posted by Jerri-Lynn Scofield, Naked Capitalism, 10 September 2017

AARON MATE: It’s The Real News. I’m Aaron Mate. The consumer credit reporting giant Equifax is in hot water after one of the largest data breaches in years. Equifax says hackers have gained access to the personal information of more than 143 million people. That’s just under half the entire U.S. population. The compromised info includes credit card and Social Security numbers, addresses and birth dates. In a video statement, Equifax …

The Syrian War Is Ending and Assad Is the Victor

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[Fisk is good as usual. "While we’re all waiting for Trump to start World War Three, we’ve not spotted that the military map of the Middle East has substantially, bloodily changed. It will be years before Syria and Iraq (and Yemen) are rebuilt – and the Israelis may have to go to Putin to clear up the mess they’re now in." See also: Syrian army breaks ISIL siege in Deir Az Zor airbase. *RON*]

Robert FiskThe Independent / AlterNet, 8 September 2017

A message came through from Syria on my mobile phone last week. “General Khadour kept his promise,” it read. I knew what it meant.

Five years ago, I met Mohamed Khadour, who was commanding a few Syrian soldiers in a small suburb of Aleppo, under fire from Islamist fighters in the east of the city. At the time, he showed me his map. He’d recapture these streets in 11 days, he said.

And then in July this year, I met Khadour again, far out in the east of the Syrian desert. He was, he said, goi…

People Don’t Actually Want Equality. They Want Fairness.

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[He's really talking about equity (being treated according to desert; i,e,, justly) rather than equality. People are not all the same, so treating people the same is not treating them fairly. *RON*]
Paul Bloom, Evonomics, not dated.

Bernie Sanders talks about economic inequality all the time, and it’s a message that resonates. You don’t need to be a socialist to worry about the divide between rich and poor in America. Many Americans across the political spectrum claim to be deeply troubled by economic inequality, and many say they support changes that would yield a more equal distribution of income and wealth.

But in his just-published book, On Inequality, the philosopher Harry Frankfurt argues that economic equality has no intrinsic value. This is a moral claim, but it’s also a psychological one: Frankfurt suggests that if people take the time to reflect, they’ll realize that inequality isn’t really what’s bothering them.

People might be trou…