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It's happening! It's happening! W3C erects DRM as web standard

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[Making it harder and harder for honest people to use the Internet in legitimate ways, and enhancing the monopoly status of software and media mega-corporations. The world has until April 19 to make its views known on latest draft. RON*]
Kieren McCarthy, The Register, 22 Mar 2017 The World Wide Web Consortium has formally put forward highly controversial digital rights management as a new web standard.

Dubbed Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), this anti-piracy mechanism was crafted by engineers from Google, Microsoft, and Netflix, and has been in development for some time. The DRM is supposed to thwart copyright infringement by stopping people from ripping video and other content from encrypted high-quality streams.

The latest draft was published last week and formally put forward as a proposed standard soon after. Under W3C rules, a decision over whether to officially adopt EME will depend on a poll of its members.

That survey was sent out yeste…

The Liberal budget will ready young Canadians for the insecure, low-paying 'jobs of tomorrow'

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[The crapification of labour. Morneau argues that an economy based on crappy, precarious jobs means you need to be ready to re-tool your skills at any time. But the reality is that people don't change jobs; they hunker down and accept crummier pay, crummier working conditions, and less security. The focus ought to be on more jobs of better quality. *RON*]
PressProgress, 23 March 2017

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he has a plan to create the "jobs of tomorrow."

But while Morneau describes a future of "self-driving cars" and "artificial intelligence" and "quantum computing" and "the sharing economy," there's one thing he forgot to mention – it's also a future of low-wages and perpetual job insecurity.

Both Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have indicated they believe temporary jobs are the way of the future.

Last fall, Morneau told young workers they need to get used to the &q…

Christy Clark is most disliked party leader running in B.C. election: poll

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[BC ELECTION 2017!!! See also: The 10 Biggest Deceptions Of Christy Clark, and Our Opportunity Is Here To Oust The B.C. Liberals. *RON*]
Jill Slattery, Global News, 24 March 2017

Premier Christy Clark’s popularity is dipping with less than two months until the provincial election, according to a national poll on the performance of premiers across Canada.

Clark’s popularity fell four points to 31 per cent this quarter, ranking her fourth of the most-popular premiers in the country, according to the Angus Reid Institute poll.

On the least-popular side, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne’s approval rating also dropped four points to only 12 per cent.

A subsequent public opinion poll from Angus Reid, also published Friday, reported that three-quarters of B.C. residents (76 per cent) believe the current Liberal government is “only interested in helping its political donors and big business.”

But 62 per cent of people in the poll also said the opposition parties do…

‘It’s Not Your Fault’: Researchers Confirm Cancer Is Often Random

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[Ten months ago we had: Half of U.S. Cancer Deaths Due to Bad Habits. I imagine most cancer researchers are delighted with this finding. It will provide academic infighting (i.e., publishing) opportunities galore for years to come! Meanwhile, the public gets to die confused. See also: Johns Hopkins, Behind the science: Hopkins oncologists discuss their research on the random mutations that cause cancer. *RON*]

Maggie Fox, NBC News, 23 March 2017
Random mutations are the single biggest factor in causing cancer, researchers reaffirmed Thursday.

About two-thirds of the genetic mutations that lead to cancer happen simply because of random errors made as cells divide and not because of diet, chemicals or inherited genes, the team at Johns Hopkins University said.
"We hope that this research offers comfort to the literally millions of patients who have had cancer but who have lived nearly perfect lifestyle — who have never smoked, who have avoid…

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The West Coast Will Determine the Fate of the Fossil Fuel Industry

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[The Thin Green Line... All along the Pacific Coast, environmentalists are gearing up for an epic fight. *RON*]

Arun Gupta, Yes! Magazine, 24 March 2017
Despite a string of victories in the last few years limiting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure on the West Coast, Donald Trump’s presidency shows it was never going to be easy to defeat the oil and gas industry.

In two months, Trump has moved to revive the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipeline routes that had been blocked by the Obama administration, expedite environmental reviews for infrastructure projects, and reverse fuel efficiency standards for automobiles. He is expected to reverse environmental regulation policies established under President Obama, including the Clean Power Plan, and will not likely adhere to the commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement.
"Trump has sparked a groundswell of people coming into the climate justice movement."

Republicans in Congress ha…