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Exploding BC LNG Myths – Part 2

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[Good two-part series. *RON*]
Posted February 20, 2014 by Kevin Logan in Energy and Resources
“The opposition wouldn’t know LNG if it came up and bit them, they’re totally uninformed.” - Rich Coleman, BC Minister of Natural Gas Development.

For over three years, Rich Coleman has led the BC LNG charge; however, he has taken a back seat in recent weeks as his self-imposed deadlines for progress on LNG development have repeatedly blown up.

Very little mention has been made of the non-disclosure agreements Coleman has with 12 or so companies lined up to exploit BC’s massive natural gas reserves – but that apparently does not stop him from admonishing his critics for being “totally uninformed.”

After missing his third self-imposed deadline to finally let the rest of us in on his non-disclosed, high-level negotiations, Coleman continues to hold his cards close to his chest.

Exploding BC LNG Myths – Part 1

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[Good two-part series. *RON*]
Posted February 10, 2014 by Kevin Logan in Energy and Resources

The BC Government recently published an online quiz to “test the knowledge” of British Columbians on the coming LNG revolution.

It amounted to a propaganda exercise with the sole purpose of testing how well the BC Liberal LNG rhetoric has pierced the minds of the BC populace.

The infamous Harold Evans, longtime Editor of the Sunday Times of London and author of many books is quoted as saying: Propaganda is persuading people to make up their minds while withholding the facts from them.

We used to rely on the muckrakers of the “fourth estate” to inform us of the goings-on in government. However, today we neither elect governments who work in our best interest nor have media that informs – rather, the two work in concert to ensure we are well propagandized, as defined by Mr. Evans.

In parched states, fracking's thirst grows

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By Jenny Deam, February 19, 2014, 5:22 p.m.
Greeley, Colo., sells water to the oil and gas companies that have brought a drilling boom to town. Some residents wonder whether it will run out.
GREELEY, Colo. — In this parched farming region, where the land flattens out and every drop of water is precious, another player has lined up at the spigot.

On a recent sunny afternoon, a huge cylindrical tanker truck rolled up to a red city fire hydrant and driver Jose Ofornio hopped out. With well-practiced efficiency he hooked hose to hydrant and began to fill. And fill.

B.C. Jobs Plan is failing

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[Nothing new here especially - the Liberals have been promising jobs repeatedly since the election before the last one - "Free Beer Tomorrow! Vote Liberal!" *RON*]

The B.C. Liberal's Jobs Plan is failing according to a recent report BC Jobs Plan Reality: First Two Years published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). The B.C. Liberal's touted the BC Jobs Plan as a success back in December with the Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training Shirley Bond pointing to B.C.'s unemployment rate falling from 6.7 per cent to 6.6 per cent. The Liberal's boasted 13,000 new jobs created in December 2013, but Statistics Canada reports that all new jobs are part-time, and Canada as a whole, lost 45,900 full-time jobs, pushing the Canadian unemployment rate to 7.2 per cent, surpassing the U.S.

Premier Christy Clark introduced the BC Jobs Plan in September 2011 in order to "create jobs fa…

The B.C. Battle For Enbridge Northern Gateway Polls

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[Dogwood Initiative has offered to Enbridge that they cooperate on a public poll of attitudes toward the Northern Gateway Pipeline, that they jointly agree on the phrasing of questions, and that both sides agree to fully disclose the findings. So far, surprise, surprise, Enbridge has not responded. *RON*]
Emma Gilchrist, DeSmog Canada, Posted: 02/20/2014 5:52 pm

A strange chain of events played out in The Vancouver Sun newspaper in the past couple of weeks.

First, on Feb. 5, the newspaper ran the results of a poll commissioned by Dogwood Initiative and three other B.C. non-profit groups that found 64 per cent of British Columbians are opposed to bringing oil tankers into B.C.'s inside waters, including 50 per cent who are strongly opposed.

(Full disclosure: author Emma Gilchrist worked both for Dogwood Initiative and Postmedia, the company that owns The Vancouver Sun.)

Let's get one thing straight right away: all polls should be taken with a grain of …

B.C. government can't show value for billions spent on health care: report

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[I couldn't agree more strongly. There are continual reviews and new initiatives, and they never make the changes that are really needed, because of the political stranglehold on the system by physicians and bureaucrats with their Balkan fiefdoms. Also, when they say that physicians account for 9% of costs, that's ridiculous. Physicians also control hospitals, which are something on the order of three-quarters of all healthcare costs. Then throw in the laboratory testing companies takes -- and all of them are run by physicians. Throw in medications and you have a huge portion of the overall costs. *RON*]

By Dirk Meissner, Canadian Press, Updated: 02/20/2014 7:59 pm EST

VICTORIA - British Columbia's auditor general says the Liberal government lacks oversight over a key portion of the largest-ticket item in their annual budget — health-care spending.

A report released Thursday by auditor general Russ Jones said the province can't demonstrate…

Why Canada Needs a Basic Income Pilot to Reduce Poverty

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Jesse Helmer, Director of Communications & Development at Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation

Posted: 02/20/2014 12:09 pm

Imagine you are a young single mother on social assistance. You decide you want to further your education by enrolling at your local university. When you are accepted as a mature student, you are thrilled! But as soon as you inform your case worker that you've been accepted, your social assistance benefits are terminated, leaving you short on your rent.

Or imagine you are a 40-something IT worker, recently laid off from a good-paying job at a large company. After your health benefits from your severance run out, and your employment insurance runs out, you are unemployed and cannot pay for your wife's prescription drugs out of pocket. As a married couple, you don't qualify for a provincial drug benefit that would cover some of the costs of the drugs. So you are forced to consider formally separating from your wife and rentin…

Conservative Budget's Fake Middle-Class Family 'Make-Believe', NDP Says

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[Sure... Everybody I know got a 10% pay increase in both of the last two years... Didn't you? *RON*]
CP | By Dean Beeby, The Canadian PressPosted: 02/20/2014 4:25 am EST | Updated: 02/20/2014 4:59 pm EST

OTTAWA - Middle-class families are struggling economically, but at least one of them is doing quite well, thank you very much: the working parents with two kids who appear as a fictitious example in the federal budget each year.

Critics say the family's rapidly rising income is a complete fiction as well.