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Redesigning American Schools in an Age of Mass Shootings: New buildings only serve to normalize trauma and fear

Quebec to impose values test for new immigrants

APEC and COP25 Are Canceled. No, Literally.

Twitter bans all political ads because they can ‘influence votes'

US Fed cuts interest rates once more, as uncertainties remain

Today's Trumpery

Murray Energy Files for Bankruptcy

6 things Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know!

Deaths among homeless people in Los Angeles have doubled since 2013, report says

Lebanon's Hariri resigns after nearly two weeks of nationwide protests

A decade after massive bailout, AIG celebrated on Capitol Hill

Today's Trumpery

Successful minority Parliaments require goodwill, humility

ECB policy losing some potency, needs fiscal help: Draghi

Senior evicted from mental health facility, left to live in tent with rats

Hong Kong enters recession, official says, as protests again erupt in flames