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Trans Mountain Pipeline: Indigenous Protesters In Washington Vow To Stop Expansion

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[Activists call the project the Standing Rock of the north. *RON*]

Laura Kane, Canadian Press / Huffington Post, 18 June 2018

VANCOUVER — Cedar George-Parker remembers the moment he decided to devote his life to defending Indigenous people and their traditional territories. It was the one-year anniversary of a shooting at his high school that killed four of his classmates in Marysville, Wash.

"I dropped to my knees and I said, 'I'm going to make a change in the world,'" he recalled.

George-Parker is among the Indigenous protesters in Washington state promising to fight the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Activists call the project the Standing Rock of the north, comparing it to the fierce Standing Rock Sioux protests that stalled the Dakota Access Pipeline for months.

The Trans Mountain expansion — recently bought by Canada for $4.5 billion — doesn't only affect Canadian waters or land. The project will increase tanker tr…

The Court's Decision to Let AT&T and Time Warner Merge is Ridiculously Bad

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[Corporate oligopolies control your access to information - so, do we live in a democracy or a corporatocracy? "Netflix might make an app, but no one can use that app if they don't have an Internet connection ... It doesn't seem like making a better app should require one of the largest mergers in history ... AT&T’s entire plan is bloatware on Android phones that is excused from data caps." *RON*]
Nilay Patel, The Verge, 15 June 2018

AT&T and Time Warner won a historic court victory this week, convincing Judge Richard Leon in the US District Court for the District of Columbia that they should be able to merge over the antitrust objections of the Department of Justice. The deal, now finalized, combines one of the world’s largest telecom carriers with one of the world’s largest media organizations. The resulting company will have unparalleled market power over both content creation and distribution.

The decision surprised a…

B.C. fish farms will require Indigenous consent

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[The way I read it, this means that - somewhat slowly, in four years - the most adamantly opposed fish farms will be closed in their current location. I don't read this as saying that they will be shut down, just moved. The goal should really be to move them on to land. Trudeau probably doesn't like even this - fish farm regulation falls under his DFO - whereas BC has jurisdiction over the seabed, which allows them to take this step. *RON*]

Justine Hunter, The Globe & Mail, 19 June2018

The B.C. government is poised to give an effective veto to First Nations over fish farm tenures in their territories, a historic concession that reaches beyond the traditional court-ordered requirement that Indigenous groups be consulted and accommodated on resource decisions on their lands.

The NDP government will announce on Wednesday B.C.’s aquaculture industry will have four years to adapt before any tenures are cancelled, sources told The Globe and M…

Marijuana legalization Bill C-45 officially passes Senate vote, heading for royal assent

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[Marijuana will become legal in late summer or early fall. Much background work and training at the provincial and local levels has yet to be addressed. How it will all go is an empirical question. *RON*]

Monique Scotti, Global News, 20 June 2018

The Senate has voted to accept the latest version of the government’s long-debated legal marijuana legislation, paving the way for the bill to pass into Canadian law.

The Senate voted 52-29 to approve the government’s newest version of Bill C-45 on Tuesday evening.

Bill C-45 now moves to royal assent, the final step in the legislative process. That could occur within days at the government’s discretion. The government’s desire to see home grown marijuana permitted across Canada eventually prevailed, and a proposal from the Senate to allow provinces and territories to ban them has been stripped from the final bill.

“We have witnessed today a very historic vote that ends 90 years of prohibition, that’s histori…

The US is no longer a 'safe' country for refugees – and Canada is complicit

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[The United States is now the #2 source country after Nigeria for people crossing the border irregularly into Quebec. The Trump administration’s horrifying child separation policy demands that Canada scrap the Safe Third Country Agreement. *RON*]

Andray Domise, The Guardian, 19 June 2018

Last July, a woman from El Salvador arrived at the Fort Erie border crossing in Buffalo, New York, seeking refuge in Canada. The woman, known only as E, was accompanied by her two young daughters, one still young enough to be fed from a bottle. She threw herself on our mercy, filing a refugee claim based on her fear of being deported by the US to her home country, where she says she had been raped by gang members who harangued her family and threatened to kill her.

Because E arrived through the US, she was subject to the Safe Third Country Agreement, which stipulates that a foreign national seeking asylum must do so in the first “safe” country they arrive in. The …