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'Segregation's Constant Gardeners': How White Women Kept Jim Crow Alive

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[So, where do all those women who support Trump come from? A sobering and important read on the choice between economic power and anti-racism. Elizabeth McRae's recent book introduces us to good white mothers, PTA members, and newspaper columnists who were also committed White supremacists. *RON*]

Rebecca Stoner, Pacific Standard Magazine, 12 April 2018

Last Wednesday, we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. On the same day, we witnessed the killing of Saheed Vassell, another unarmed black man, this time by New York City cops.

This week marks 50 years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, which bars housing discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or sex.

But residential segregation is still very much alive: In Chicago, where I live, 23 neighborhoods clustered on the city's South and West sides are more than 80 percent black, even though black people make up just a t…

Why a middle-class lifestyle can now cost you over $300,000 a year

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[Class wars and the cost of living. Notice that they included Vancouver in their calculations for expensive metropolitan areas. *RON*]

Sam Dogen, Financial Samurai / CNBC, 27 April 2018

Let me tell you a sad story: In order to comfortably raise a family in an expensive coastal city like San Francisco or New York, you've got to make at least $300,000 a year. You can certainly raise a family earning less as many do, but it won't be easy if your goal is to save for retirement, save for your child's education, own your own home instead of rent and actually retire by a reasonable age.

Although $300,000 is a lot compared to the median household income in the United States of ~$59,000, it's not an outrageous sum of money once you look at the realistic income statement I've put together for this post. All expenses in my example use current prices. I've also cross-checked the expenses with my family's monthly expenses now tha…

RCMP files say “violent aboriginal extremists” are undermining pipeline plans

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[The police under the corporatocracy. *RON*]

Andrew Crosby & Jeffrey Monaghan, Vice, 4 May 2018

While dominant media and political pundits continue to describe the conflict over Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline as a “constitutional crisis,” some commentators have acknowledged that the real constitutional crisis involves the lack of Indigenous consent, with Indigenous activists declaring that they will prevent the pipeline from being built. Yet, the Trudeau government’s response to that constitutional crisis has been to criminalize opponents of the pipeline. Similar to how the energy policies of the Liberal government remain almost identical to the days when Stephen Harper’s Conservatives boasted of creating an “energy superpower,” current policing practices also involve widespread surveillance and criminalization of Indigenous activists.

Our new book, Policing Indigenous Movements, details the new normal in terms of the routine and ex…

How Wall Street Enabled the Fracking ‘Revolution’ That’s Losing Shale Oil Companies Billions

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[Who wins from a badly failing industry? Banks: "If you take the vig on a quarter trillion dollars, you have a big pile of cash. And while those oil companies may all go bankrupt, Wall Street never gives back the vig." CEOs: "Why would Hamm say one thing and do another? Well, he personally has accrued billions of dollars while his company has burned through billions. Despite leading Continental to another money-losing year in 2017, Hamm took home a fat raise." *RON*]

Justin Mikulka, DeSmogBlog / Naked Capitalism, 6 May 2018

The U.S. shale oil industry hailed as a “revolution” has burned through a quarter trillion dollars more than it has brought in over the last decade. It has been a money-losing endeavor of epic proportions.

In September 2016, the financial rating service Moody’s released a report on U.S. oil companies, many of which were hurting from the massive drop in oil prices. Moody’s found that “the financial toll fr…

Eating while black in a Chinese restaurant: a grim lesson in racist division

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[Horrible enough but - as you see when you get to the second-to-last paragraph - the owner of the restaurant plans to appeal. *RON*]

Denise Balkissoon, The Globe & Mail, 2 May 2018

It took four years for Emile Wickham to get official confirmation of what he already knew: that the treatment he received on his birthday was racist.

Mr. Wickham is black, as are the friends he went to dinner with one night in May 2014, at the Chinese restaurant Hong Shing in Toronto, just north of City Hall. There, they were asked to pay their bill in advance – a request that Mr. Wickham suspected hadn’t been made of the non-black patrons around them.

After confirming this, he confronted the server, who refunded the group’s money. They walked out, no longer hungry or in the mood for celebration. The incident so bothered Mr. Wickham that he was still thinking of it a year later when he filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

This week, the propriet…