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South Africa’s ANC prepares to push out President Zuma after marathon meeting

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[One can only hope that Ramaphosa will prove better. Meanwhile Cape Town residents bring out buckets to collect rainwater as ‘Day Zero’ looms. *RON*]

Krista Mahr, Washington Post, 13 February 2018

JOHANNESBURG — President Jacob Zuma’s fate hung in the balance on Tuesday morning following a grueling 13-hour meeting of African National Congress leaders over whether South Africa’s ruling party should order the embattled head of state to step down.

Pressure for Zuma, who is 75, to resign as president has been mounting since December when Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa replaced him as head of the party.

Zuma came to power in 2009, but his last years in office have been mired in a series of high-profile corruption scandals and accusations of mismanagement that has seen a steady decline in the popularity of Nelson Mandela’s storied liberation movement.

Several local media outlets reported early Tuesday that the party’s national executive committee decided…

Oxfam sex scandal: Charity chief Mark Goldring knew of allegations

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[In one day during her tenure, Oxfam's 'global head of safeguarding' received three allegations of sexual misconduct and abusive behavior by Oxfam workers overseas. The CEO and his leadership team canceled a meeting to discuss her concerns about widespread abuse. *RON*]

Sean O’Neill, The Times, 13 February 2018

Oxfam’s chief executive failed to act on allegations that a woman was coerced to have sex in return for aid in a disaster zone, a new whistleblower has claimed.

Helen Evans, the charity’s global head of safeguarding from 2012-15, claimed that Mark Goldring and his leadership team cancelled a meeting to discuss her concerns about widespread abuse involving Oxfam workers.

The alleged abuse included a female aid worker being raped by a colleague in South Sudan and a teenage volunteer being assaulted by an adult staff member in a high street charity shop in Britain. After leaving Oxfam Ms Evans took her complaints and documentary evid…

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte orders soldiers to shoot women rebels in vagina, draws ire of human rights groups

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[Would this nightmarish clown have existed or persisted absent a Donald Trump? *RON*]

FP Staff, First Post, 13 February 2018

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte ordered his soldiers to shoot women rebels in the vagina because that would render them "useless", according to several media reports.

"Tell the soldiers. There’s a new order coming from the mayor. We won’t kill you. We will just shoot your vagina,” he said adding, "If there is no vagina, it would be useless," Vice News quoted him as saying.

Duterte made these remarks while addressing a group of former communist soldiers in Malacañang.

Later, an official transcript of the president's address omitted the word and replaced it with simply a dash, but local reports said he repeatedly mentioned the word in his speech.

Another report in The Guardian said he repeatedly used the Visayan word for vagina, bisong throughout the speech, drawing much laughter from his audience…

The long list of problems Colten Boushie's family says marred the case

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['We will find a way forward,' says Saskatchewan premier in wake of outrage over acquittal. See also: What happened on Gerald Stanley's farm the day Colten Boushie was shot, as told by witnesses. *RON*]

Jason Warick, CBC News, 13 February 2018

A light rain fell outside the North Battleford, Sask., provincial courthouse the morning of Aug. 11, 2016, as the man accused of killing Colten Boushie made his first appearance.

It was the Boushie family's first chance to see farmer Gerald Stanley.

But on that day, no one from the Boushie family was there. They were a 25-minute drive away at the Red Pheasant Cree Nation. They say they would have been there, but no one told them about it.

The Crown prosecutor at the time said he assumed RCMP would inform the family of Stanley's court appearance.

"Things need to change," North Battleford lawyer and Boushie family adviser Eleanore Sunchild said at the time.

In a written stateme…

Reminder: Trudeau is a Milquetoast Neoliberal Garbage Person

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[Very rudely stated, yet substantively true. Throughout North America, the two major parties stand only for themselves and the 1% whom they represent. And, concerning the 'mankind' versus 'peoplekind' versus 'humankind' debate, 'humanity' is a perfectly good word. But I did enjoy the phrase 'performative progressivism.' *RON*]

Matt Pond, The Muse, 13 February 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become the target of online mockery after interrupting a woman at a town hall in Edmonton, saying he prefers to use the word “peoplekind” over “mankind”. We can overlook the obvious irony of a self-described feminist interrupting a woman to man-splain about gender-neutral phrasing. (Which he did incorrectly I might add – the word “humankind” has been the preferred gender-neutral phrasing for at least as long as I can remember). There were attempts to play it off as a joke, but the exchange is more than a case of p…