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Today's Trumpery

[Welcome to the monkey house. A daily pastiche of Trumpisms and responses thereto. *RON*]

After an earthquake and a hurricane — and Trump's failure to send condolences — Mexico rescinds offer of aid to U.S., Los Angeles Times
Amid tension, Trump and Turkey's Erdogan agree to strengthen ties, Reuters [fascist to fascist]
6 Lies Driving Trump’s Campaign to Create a Massive Clash with Iran, AlterNet [more war=more profit]
Trump scrambles tax reform debate, The Hill [War especially important if tax reform goes down the crapper like all his other big reforms]
Is NASA a science agency or a giant subsidy for aerospace corporations? Salon [Go ahead, take a guess]
Robert Reich: There's Already Legal Grounds for Trump's Impeachment, AlterNet [Yet will anyone take the first step?]

Why UN Sanctions Against North Korea’s Missile Programme Failed

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[The international community has been trying to stop North Korea from developing long-range missiles for decades. What went wrong? "Americans tend to view North Korea as an inward-looking, economically isolated state cut off from the international community. However, the country’s illicit networks – including those supplying its missile programme – are global, adaptive and resilient. That makes them difficult to shut down." *RON*]
Daniel Salisbury, The Wire, 10 September 2017

The past few months have seen the coming of age of North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability.

For most of the last 20 years, the international community has been struggling to stop this from happening.

A sixth nuclear test on September 3 – of what was possibly a hydrogen bomb – followed July’s two successful tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile with the capability to hit the US The same month, the US intelligence community assessed that North Korea’s arsena…

Who is responsible for climate reparations?

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[When it comes to things like welfare payments, conservatives constantly say "Why should we pay for something we don't use?" When it comes to climate reparations the general public should be saying to corporations, "You pay to play, baby." No more socialized losses. *RON*]

Penney Kome,, 9 September 2017

"Everybody talks about the weather," Mark Twain observed, "But nobody does anything about it." A century and a half later, scientists are looking for a way to do something about the weather, and lawyers are studying who should pay for the work.

As the U.S. Gulf Coast reels under the impacts of Hurricanes Harvey, and probably soon Irma and Jose, disaster specialists, urban planners and insurance companies already estimate that cleaning up and repairing each region will cost tens of billions of dollars -- $40 billion to repair Houston, perhaps as much as $125 billion for Florida, depending whether…

B.C. Budget: NDP releases first budget update

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[The usual first year stuff: some very good announcements plus a lot of 'we didn't keep our promise, but it wasn't our fault; it was the bad guys' fault!' *RON*]
Estefania Duran & Charmaine de Silva, CKNW, 11 September 2017

The BC NDP has delivered its first budget update since taking over for the Liberals. Finance Minister Carole James outlined a roadmap to how the government intends to pay for the promises made during the election campaign.

Overall, the budget update includes billions in new spending over the next three years.

That covers everything from battling the opioid crisis, increased social assistance rates, building new rental housing and housing for the homeless, reducing tolls, spending more in the K-12 education system, and cutting MSP premiums in half starting in January.

But James admitted there was some uncertainty, pointing out to a historic wildfire season, along with fiscal challenges at ICBC. She also me…

Why economics, not politics, will kill TransCanada's Energy East

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[They want to make it like their project was regulated to death. But, basically, they've already had enough pipelines approved and, if they go ahead with too many, especially in a low market, they won't get the return on capital demanded by their shareholders to keep them afloat. *RON*]

Jameson Berkow, Business News Network, 8 September 2017
If, one month from today, Energy East officially dies, don’t blame the nearly $16-billion pipeline proposal’s death on the National Energy Board.

Late Thursday, Calgary-based TransCanada asked the NEB to stop reviewing its Energy East proposal for 30 days in order for the company to “conduct a careful review of recent changes” to the pipeline review process announced in August. In addition to other new factors it would consider, the NEB said it would now take greenhouse gas emissions into account when it determines whether Energy East would be a net benefit to Canada.

On Friday, the NEB granted TransCan…

‘I’m not racist’: Jagmeet Singh’s heckler posts video defending herself

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[Jennifer Bush says "We know you're in bed with Sharia," she said. "We know you're in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood." Singh is Sikh, not Muslim. Then in her rejoinder, she says "I'm not racist. I strongly support the Hindus." Is she that ignorant or just trolling? See also: 'I Love Her': Jagmeet Singh's Racist Heckler Praised Kellie Leitch at Conservative Leadership Event. *RON*]
Kayla Goodfield, CTV News, 11 September 2017

A heckler seen confronting NDP leadership hopeful Jagmeet Singh at a Brampton campaign event last week has posted a response video saying she is “not racist.”

The original video posted online by Brampton Focus on Thursday showed a woman consistently interrupting and disrupting Singh as he addressed a chanting crowd.

At the event, the woman, standing just inches from Singh, is heard saying she is an advocate for women and children as she accused the politician of supporting…