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Saudi embassy may have funded 9/11 'dry run': report

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[New York Post reports FBI evidence in a lawsuit alleges Saudi Arabia's US embassy may have funded test run for Sept 11. *RON*]

Source: Al Jazeera News, 10 September 2017
New evidence in a 9/11 lawsuit against the government of Saudi Arabia alleges the kingdom's embassy in Washington, DC may have funded a test run for the deadly attacks in 2001, according to a US newspaper report.

The evidence was submitted as part of a class action lawsuit against the government of Saudi Arabia, the New York Post reported on Saturday.

It alleges the embassy paid for two Saudi nationals to fly from Phoenix to Washington two years before planes hit the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and slammed into a field in Pennsylvania as part of a "dry run" for the attacks.

Saudi Arabia has always denied any involvement in September 11, 2001 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

The victims' lawyers, however, have said the evidence suggests "a pat…

Want to understand how big pharma helped create the opioid epidemic? Read this report.

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[A new, blistering Senate report shows how one opioid company misled patients and insurers to sell its drug. A steaming, stinky cauldron of utter venality. "One sales memo uncovered by the Times was literally titled '$$$$$$$$$$$$$ It's Bonus Time in the Neighborhood!'" See also: Drug company posed as cancer doctors to hook more people on its addictive painkiller. *RON*]

German Lopez, Vox, 6 September 2017

A major pharmaceutical company lied and misrepresented its powerful opioid product for profit, putting people at risk in the worsening opioid epidemic, according to a new bombshell report by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

The report, which McCaskill’s office has described as the first round of an investigation into opioid companies, details the workings of Insys Therapeutics, which manufactures the fentanyl drug Subsys. According to the report, Insys misrepresented Subsys to get insurers to pay for it, letting the company s…

NZ's Jetfield Networks & Larkstone Ltd, the US$142.5 mln tipped into the alleged Azerbaijani Laundromat, and their formally warned NZ company agent Equity Trust International

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[This is what the New Zealand government has referred to as 'light touch regulation,' i.e., complete and total regulatory capture by crime lords and banksters. *RON*]
Gareth Vaughan,, 7 September 2017

Equity Trust International Ltd, a New Zealand trust and company service provider and recipient of a formal anti-money laundering warning from the Department of Internal Affairs, has clients who've been named in an alleged US$2.9 billion international money laundering operation known as the Azerbaijani Laundromat.

Eight New Zealand companies feature in the Azerbaijani Laundromat. has established that at least four were clients of Equity Trust International, including two said to have contributed a combined US$142.5 million to the Laundromat. A fifth was part of a company network created for clients by the Taylor family, who are infamous company incorporators.

However, the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) ha…

As the investigation into Equifax data breach grows, here's what you need to do

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[In case you were thinking about visiting the Equifax web site to see if you're one of those lucky Canucks, read this article first! There’s something REALLY shady going on with Equifax’s website. Equifax is dealing with the fallout of an enormous data breach, exposing the information of up to 143 million Americans. It is offering affected consumers a (decidedly measly) year of credit monitoring in response to the hack. See also: Equifax breach provokes frustration for Canadians; and, from the Depraved Indifference Department, Equifax lobbied to take away breach victims' right to sue. *RON*]

Gail Marks Jarvis, Chicago Tribune, 8 September 2017

State attorneys general throughout the country are investigating one of the largest data breaches in the country, one that financial experts believe will leave millions of Americans at risk of identify theft for the rest of their lives.

Equifax, a credit monitoring company, said Thursday the breach…

Cost of cancelling Site C cheaper than pausing or continuing: report

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[Oh, the suspense! I wonder how many comfortable Liberal politician's retirements hang in the balance? Now that the LNG demand, for which this was really built, has evaporated, all they will be left to shout is "But, all those (entirely temporary) jobs!" I.e., the justification has everything to do with politics, nothing to do with the public interest. *RON*]
Stephanie Ip, Vancouver Sun, 10 September 2017

It would cost more to pause construction of Site C than it would to cancel it outright, according to a new study.

The independent report on the $8.8-billion hydroelectric dam was prepared by Deloitte LLP — a major international consulting firm — and posted on the B.C. Utilities Commission’s website late Friday.

Deloitte aimed to answer key questions facing the utilities commission: Is Site C on schedule and on budget; what it would cost to pause the project; and what it would cost to cancel the project entirely.

The report is part of …