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The Photos the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Don’t Want You to See

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[A Yemeni child dies every five minutes. 20 million need emergency assistance and the world is not paying up. 5,000 get cholera every day. *RON*]

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, 29 August 2017

That’s a young Yemeni boy, acutely malnourished like two million other children in Yemen — caught up in what the United Nations calls the “world’s largest humanitarian crisis.”
Their suffering is largely a result of monstrous misconduct by a Saudi-led coalition that is supported by the United States and Britain.

Let’s be blunt: With U.S. and U.K. complicity, the Saudi government is committing war crimes in Yemen.

“The country is on the brink of famine, with over 60 percent of the population not knowing where their next meal will come from,” the leaders of the U.N. World Food Program, Unicef and the World Health Organization said in an unusual joint statement.

Yemen, always an impoverished country, has been upended for two years by fighting between the Saudi-ba…

"Zero-waste" stores put consumers on frontline in fight against packaging

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[Less than 10 per cent of plastics get recycled, "humans have produced more than 8 billion tons of plastic since the 1950s, with most of it discarded in landfills or the wider environment" *RON*]
Anna Pujol-Mazzini, Reuters, 3 September 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Ingrid Caldironi decided to start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, she made a few changes to her routine.

Caldironi bought a reusable coffee cup, started making her own beauty products and tried to stop buying packaged products.

But she soon hit a wall.

Most British supermarkets sell few unpackaged products, and she was spending most of her weekends roaming London in search of loose vegetables and bulk coffee.

So she decided to open her own shop: the only “zero-waste” store in London, which sells foods in bulk, products made out of waste and durable alternatives to typical throwaway products such as plastic cutlery, razors and sponges.

“I want to help peopl…

Nearly 90,000 Rohingya flee Myanmar violence in 10 days

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[UN says 87,000 members of persecuted Muslim community have crossed into Bangladesh since violence erupted on August 25. "They have been rendered stateless by the government and the UN believes the army's crackdown may amount to ethnic cleansing - a charge the government of Aung San Suu Kyi vehemently denies." *RON*]
Al Jazeera, 4 September 2017

Nearly 90,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh in the last 10 days, uprooted by reported rapes, murders and acts of arson by the Myanmar army.

Vivian Tan, regional spokesperson for UNHCR, told Al Jazeera on Monday that women, children and the elderly made up the bulk of the 87,000 who had crossed into Bangladesh since violence erupted on August 25.

"We're seeing many pregnant women, new-born babies and the elderly make their way to relief camps on the Bangladeshi side of the border," she said.

"Sadly we're also hearing from many of them that they haven't eate…