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Australian firm unveils plan to convert carbon emissions into 'green' concrete

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[It will be great if this stuff catches on. Initiative to convert CO2 into solid carbonates aims to produce building materials on commercial scale by 2020. *RON*]

Helen Davidson, The Guardian, 25 August 2017

An Australian pilot project capturing carbon emissions and storing them in building materials aims to have a full-scale production plant by 2020.

Mineral Carbonation International, an Australian company developing carbon-utilisation technology will officially launch its technology and research program at the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources on Friday.

The launch will include a demonstration of the hour-long process bonding CO2 - stored in large cylinders at one end of the warehouse - with crushed serpentinite from the nearby Orica Kooragang Island operation, permanently converting it into solid carbonates. “This mimics but greatly speeds up the natural weathering by rainfall which produces common types of rocks over millions of y…

Vast majority of UK accept climate change is real, finds new poll

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[Old men in the East Midlands are less likely to accept scientists' evidence than young women in the South-east. See also: 31 scientific bodies tell US Congress: Climate change is realIs climate change real, and is the world actually getting warmer?ExxonMobil ‘misled’ public about climate change, Harvard experts sayTrump says ‘nobody really knows’ if climate change is real. *RON*]

Ian Johnston, The Independent, 25 August 2017

About 13 per cent of people in Britain do not accept the science of climate change, according to a new poll.

The survey of 1,200 adults in the UK by Censuswide found men (17 per cent) were significantly more likely than women (11 per cent) to deny the widespread evidence of global warming – from melting sea ice and glaciers and rising sea levels to animals and plants heading for the poles.

However, a substantial majority of 70 per cent said they did agree the temperature is rising and that greenhouse gas emissions ar…

This Map Shows Which U.S. States Have Recovered from Recession (and Which Haven’t)

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[The Gulf and West Coast states are doing the best, along with the New York region. Wyoming and West Virginia are the only two states whose economies have shrunk since the recession. The southern half of the US is doing better than the northern half. *RON*]

by Raul, - Understanding Money, 16 August 2017

The U.S. economy has finally regained its pre-recession levels of employment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). What does that mean? More people are getting hired, and they’re spending their paychecks. That’s all good, but it’s no secret the economy has undergone an uneven recovery since the Great Recession. So how does the recovery stack up in different parts of the country? Check out this new visualization. 
Our map shows you the economic performance of the U.S. in three different ways. The size of the state correlates to the size of the local economy—the bigger the state on the map, the more significant its economic output. That’s why…

Why You Should Be Very Skeptical of Google’s and ProPublica’s “Hate Crimes” Initiative

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[Points out why you should have serious reservations about their machine learning approach.  *RON*]
Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, 25 August 2017

As a matter of general principle, I’m leery of Google’s ongoing efforts to make itself an arbiter of content, particularly since its search engine has become utterly unusable for anything more complicated than finding the location of a store or doing price comparisons. I now regularly get first page results where over eight items don’t match my search parameters. So I’ve abandoned Google.

Google has teamed up with ProPublica, apparently to give the initiative a veneer of legitimacy, to develop a “hate crimes” database. As reported last week in TechCrunch:

In partnership with ProPublica, Google News Lab is launching a new tool to track hate crimes across America. Powered by machine learning, the Documenting Hate News Index will track reported hate crimes across all 50 states, collecting data from Februar…