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Neither racism nor violence will be tolerated in Quebec City: Mayor Labeaume

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[Quebec needs to work hard if it hopes to shed its image as Canada's Mississippi. See also: Police and counter-protesters clash in Quebec City outside right-wing event. *RON*]
CTV, 21 August 2017

A day after a protest and counter-protest violently clashed in Quebec City, Mayor Regis Labeaume is fuming.

Nearly 1,000 people came out to oppose the anti-immigration message of La Meute, an anti-immigration, anti-Islam far-right group.

La Meute -- the Wolf pack -- was able to march in Quebec City, but hours later than originally planned.

Police kept the small group penned up in a parking garage when groups of protesters using so-called Black Bloc tactics -- dressing in black, wearing masks, and provoking police -- turned violent.

After yelling at riot police, those counter-protesters hurled smoke bombs and bottles at police, set a garbage bin on fire and threw chairs in the street.

Though both La Meute and counter-protest organizer Jaggi Singh ar…

Canada can win by saying 'yes' to B.C.'s sustainable future

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[A flawed review, major public and Indigenous opposition, legal challenges and bad economics make the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain project bad news for BC. Here's a good read from economist Robyn Allan about why the provincial government's actions to defend against the risky project are a step towards a more sustainable economy in BC. *RON*]

By Robyn Allan, National Observer, 21 August 2017
Two years ago, Justin Trudeau recognized that the National Energy Board could not be trusted.

The man who would become prime minister said the Board had torqued reviews making it easy to recommend approval. At the time, he promised that the regulator's review of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion proposal would be redone.

In August, 2015, while on the campaign trail, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau told the Dogwood Initiative's Kai Nagata that the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion review process would have to be redone as part of an…

Goldman Sachs, the president of the US

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[Via my good friend Richard. The key impact of the fall of the USSR was not the emergence of the US as the head of a monopolar world, it was the emergence of corporations as the head of a monopolar world. *RON*]

Jon RappoportJon Rappoport Blog / OpEdNews, 21 August 2017

In this article, I'm not going to trace and list all the Obama and Trump appointees who have ties to Goldman Sachs. The sources are easily available. The Hillary Clinton connections are clear as well.

The point is, Goldman and its allies can exert enormous influence on the direction of the trillion-dollar casino called the stock market.

And the stock market is the universally perceived indicator of the health or illness of the US economy.

The economy is Trump's trump card. If the stock market plummets and stays down, his credibility as president takes a hit of far more serious proportions than anything we've seen so far.

Keep in mind, as well, that giant pension fun…

UK subprime lender loses two-thirds of value as CEO quits

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[Shares dropped 63 per cent. "A catastrophic share price drop in a subprime lender — it's like the last 10 years never happened," said Neil Wilson, senior market analyst at ETX Capital. *RON*]

Pan Pylas, Associated Press / ABC News, 22 August 2017

Provident Financial, a British subprime lender, saw two-thirds of its market value wiped out Tuesday after the company issued another profit warning and revealed that its chief executive was leaving with immediate effect.

Provident Financial's share price closed down a whopping 66 percent at 5.90 pounds, meaning the company isn't even worth 1 billion pounds ($1.29 billion) anymore.

It may not be the biggest of companies but its stock market retreat stands to be one of the largest daily falls in the 33-year history of the FTSE 100 index of leading British shares. Provident is set to lose its place among British blue chip stocks at the next quarterly update.

Its stock market fall from g…

From slavery to street battles, a migrant crisis swamps Europe and Africa

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[The comment section of the original article, even though it is undoubtedly audited, makes me think the world is going to get far worse before it gets any better. *RON*]

Bel Trew, The Times, 23 August 2017

The young Ghanaian migrant had already been robbed at gunpoint, left to die in the desert, kidnapped and tortured. Then he was sold into slavery.

From the moment that Abdulaziz, 25, crossed Libya’s vast desert border from Niger in 2015, he was at the mercy of heavily armed traffickers and militiamen. His story became even more violent in the past 12 months as Libya’s lucrative people-smuggling business morphed into a full-blown slave trade.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants, who like Abdulaziz travelled to Libya to make a living or to catch dinghies to Europe, are trapped in a hellish world where they are repeatedly bought and sold by rival gangs.

“I was a slave for one year in Qatrun,” said Abdulaziz, referring to a town in southwest Libya. …