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New, Solid Evidence "Russian Hack" of DNC Was Inside Job

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[Via my friend Richard. The story has been out for two days and thus far, despite the credentials of the study's authors, has only been reproduced in the alternative press. *RON*]

Ray McGovern, OpEd News, 24 July 2017
In a phone call, to discuss this article, I asked Ray McGovern what this revelation could lead to. He replied that it could derail the effort to sabotage efforts to build trust and peace with Russia. He also said that it just about certain that Steve Bannon and the right would politically exploit the information, which is not the goal of the non-partisan VIPS. It's always good to have the actual facts and to base decisions on them. For people who are Democrats, this news should make it clear that the Clinton Campaign and its backers have used the lie about the Russia hack as a cover for the complete and utter political 2016 presidential election failure the Democratic establishment is fully responsible for. rob kall, editor …

Who's banking on Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline?

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[Something to consider: if your bank is on the list, phone them and tell them you're closing your account because of their support for Kinder Morgan. *RON*]

By Tucker McLachlan & Chris Hatch, National Observer, 21 July 2017

Canada's "big five" banks are the largest backers of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline project, according to the company's financial documents.

In total, 26 banks from Canada, the United States, Japan, Europe, and China have committed about $7.25 billion through a combination of share purchases and loans.
Canadian banks have made the largest investments. TD Bank has committed about $731 million, and RBC $714 million. Scotiabank and CIBC have each committed roughly $639 million while Bank of Montreal came in at $446 million, and National Bank at $407 million. Smaller Canadian commitments include ATB Financial at $150 million and Canadian Western Bank at $50 million.
Desjardins pledged $145 …

Petronas cancels $36B Pacific Northwest LNG project

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[Christy Clark must have done every single thing in her power to ensure that THIS didn't get announced until after the election! If you watch some of the video on the CTV web site, the reporter implies that Horgan's election 'may have had' something to do with the decision to scrap the project, despite the 100% clear statement to the contrary by the Petronas CEO, below. This will be a sore disappointment for people in Northern and remote communities who swallowed Christy Clark's baloney: 'I'm scared for my community': northerners react to cancellation of Pacific NorthWest LNG megaproject. Well, Kinder-Morgan next. *RON*]
Ian Bickis & Aleksandra Sagan, Canadian Press / CTV News, 25 July 2017 Malaysian national energy giant Petronas and its partners scrapped the Pacific NorthWest LNG megaproject Tuesday, ending months of anticipation on the fate of what would have been one of Canada's largest private infras…

Letters spell out top priorities for NDP government ministers

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[Here are the priorities Horgan gave to his ministers. So far it seems to be what one would expect: tax cuts with expenditure increases, the only added income I see is from a carbon tax increase (i.e., hitting Everyman in the gas tank). Nothing about more progressive taxes (except the move to eliminate MSP premiums, which is great), taxes on the 1%, or corporate taxes. Many good causes are mentioned, but Carole James is going to have one hell of a job balancing this budget. *RON*]

Lindsay Kines, Times Colonist, 24 July 2017

Reforming campaign finance laws, freezing B.C. Hydro rates and developing 114,000 units of affordable housing are among the priorities Premier John Horgan has told his cabinet members to pursue.

Horgan’s mandate letters to his ministers were published Monday afternoon.

The letters, in many cases, reiterate NDP campaign promises and highlight priorities, including relief for families from rising costs and fees; improved health ca…

Government to announce end of the diesel and petrol car

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[The UK follows suit: all new vehicles must be fully electric by 2040. Of course, in terms of political time horizons, 23 years is effectively 'never' for today's government. Corporations are even worse than politicians as far as this goes, being driven by the results of the next quarterly report. *RON*]
Ben Webster, The Times, 26 July 2017
Sales of new diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned from 2040, the government is to announce today.

The supply of new hybrid vehicles that have an electric motor and a petrol or diesel engine will also end in a move that comes after a similar pledge this month by President Macron of France. Less than 1 per cent of new cars sold in Britain run solely on electric power.

The ban is part of a government plan to improve air quality. It includes £255 million to help local authorities to deal with toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from diesel vehicles.

The decision about electric vehicles came as:
BMW anno…