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Today's Trumpery

[Welcome to the monkey house. A daily pastiche of Trumpisms and responses thereto. *RON*]

Let’s check in on Trump’s major campaign promises, Think Progress [Boulevard of broken dreams]
Trump outlines deregulation agenda, E&E News
The President of the United States thinks health insurance costs $12 per year, Think Progress [Zero idea of how health insurance actually works]
The Republican war on the CBO, explained, Vox [Don't fix problems, attack anyone who points them out]
The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Mendacity, Slate ["The first public meeting of Trump’s voter fraud panel was a horrifying parade of outright lies."]
Trump Plan Would 'Reduce or Eliminate' Important Data Access, Federal Science Official Warns, Inside Climate News

Rwanda: Petty Crime Suspects Summarily Executed

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[No investigations; locals are threatened by officials if they ask questions. "Fighting petty crime or offenses by committing murder doesn’t build the rule of law, but only reinforces a climate of fear." Daniel Bekele, Senior director for Africa advocacy. *RON*]

Human Rights Watch, 13 July 2017

(Nairobi) – State security forces in Rwanda have summarily killed at least 37 suspected petty offenders and forcibly disappeared four others since April 2016, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Most victims were accused of stealing items such as bananas, a cow, or a motorcycle. Others were suspected of smuggling marijuana, illegally crossing the border from the Democratic Republic of Congo, or of using illegal fishing nets.

The 40-page report, “‘All Thieves Must Be Killed’: Extrajudicial Executions in Western Rwanda,” details how military, police and auxiliary security units, sometimes with the assistance of local civilian authori…

Outrage Mounts as Saudi Arabia Plans Imminent Executions for 14 Accused Pro-Democracy Protesters

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[America's great, terrorist-funding, democracy-hating friend. A 17 year-old sentenced to death for allegedly attending a pro-democracy rally. *RON*]
 Watch Full Show, Link: Reprieve Petition to Stop Execution of Juveniles in Saudi Arabia

Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez with Maya Foa & Randi Weingarten

As President Trump vows not to let human rights concerns interfere with U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, the country is set to execute 14 men, including Mujtaba’a al-Sweikat, who was only 17 when he was sentenced to death five years ago. He had planned to visit and attend Western Michigan University but was detained by airport authorities in Saudi Arabia for allegedly attending a pro-democracy rally earlier the same year. We speak with Maya Foa, director of the legal charity Reprieve. We also speak with Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, which is speaking out against the planned execution.

This is a …

1 billion barrels of oil have been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

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[Oil prices remain depressed, we have a supply glut already, the cost of alternatives continues to drop, yet oil stocks soar on this news and oil and gas companies still trip over themselves to get a piece of this world-burning action. The economics make no sense. *RON*]
Akin Oyedele, Business Insider, 17 July 2017

About 1 billion barrels of oil have been discovered off Mexico's coast, amid a glut of global supplies.

Premier Oil, a UK oil and gas company, said Wednesday that its Zama well was the first offshore exploration drilled by a private company in Mexico. Premier Oil partnered with Talos Energy and Sierra Oil & Gas.

The Mexican government in 2013 began constitutional reforms that ended the decades-long monopoly that the state-owned oil company Pemex had held, opening up the industry to foreign investors.

Last week's discovery capped a big day for Mexico's oil industry. Italian oil and gas company Eni raised the estimated…

HIV life expectancy is now ‘near-normal’ due to new drugs

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[Excellent news, as long as it doesn't lead to careless sexual behaviors. *RON*]

Lucy Purdy, Positive News, 17 July 2017

Young people who are taking the latest HIV drugs have a near-normal life expectancy as a result of improvements in treatments, a study suggests

Doctors writing in The Lancet medical journal reported that 20-year-olds who started antiretroviral therapy in 2010 are projected to live 10 years longer than those first treated in 1996.

Jimmy Isaacs (pictured), 28, found he had been infected with HIV by a former partner nearly three years ago. “We can now live without fear,” he told Positive News.

We can now live without fear

“The findings from The Lancet report are the proof that we can lead full lives with an ever-improving life expectancy – that of the general population, or indeed higher.”

The researchers, from the University of Bristol, considered 88,500 HIV positive people from Europe and North America. They said that newe…

Tropical Storms Don And Hilary Are Swirling The Seas, And It's Pure Coincidence

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[You can’t blame people for thinking that meteorologists were messing with us when they named two impending tropical storms 'Don' — described as 'small,' 'short-lived' and 'not particularly well organized' — and 'Hillary.' But HuffPost’s Carla Herreria reports that it was simply fate: "The National Hurricane Center assigns names to tropical storms and hurricanes using a predetermined list of names managed by the World Meteorological Organization. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have six lists of names each, which are put on a six-year rotation, unless any of the names are retired following an especially damaging storm." Of course, that’s what a bunch of meteorologists who were messing with us would say. *RON*]

Carla Herreria, Huffington Post, 18 July 2017

The Don is advancing towards the Caribbean, Tropical Storm #Don that is! Meanwhile,Tropical Storm #Hilary could form today in the Pacific. 7:37…