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Melanie Mark Becomes B.C.'s 1st Indigenous Woman In Cabinet

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[Last year, Mark became the first female MLA from a First Nation. Also shows the members of the new NDP cabinet, with all the usual suspects at the top of the list. *RON*]

Canadian Press, with files from Emma Paling, Huffington Post, 18 July 2017
VICTORIA — British Columbia's New Democrat Premier John Horgan was sworn in on Tuesday.

He announced that his cabinet is the first in B.C. to achieve gender parity, with 10 women in cabinet and one named as minister of state.

The cabinet also includes an Indigenous woman for the first time, with Melanie Mark named minister of advanced education, skills and training. In 2016, Mark became the first woman from a First Nation to serve as an MLA.

The province will also have a Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions for the first time.

Here is a complete list of the new government's cabinet ministers:
Carole James: finance and deputy premierMike Farnworth: public safety and solicitor generalAdrian Dix: hea…

Member of India's lowest caste expected to be elected president

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[Ram Nath Kovind, nominee of Narendra Modi’s party, is from dalit (Untouchable) community, the country’s most oppressed. *RON*]

Michael Safi, Guardian, 17 July 2017
A member of India’s poorest and most oppressed caste is expected to be elected president.

Ram Nath Kovind, the governor of Bihar until last month, was announced as the nominee of Narendra Modi’s government in June, in what was widely seen as part of a decades-long strategy by Hindu nationalists to win over members of the dalit(Untouchable) community.

Nearly 5,000 Indian state and federal members of parliament took part in a secret nationwide ballot on Monday to decide the next president using specially designed violet ink pens with unique serial numbers.

The five-year post has significant responsibility under India’s constitution, but similar to other Westminster-style governments, it is largely ceremonial in practice.

The result of the collective parliamentary votes will not be known unt…

End of the 'rip-off': all charges for paying by card to be banned

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[Weapons of mass distraction: plainly this is more about politics than substance. As if, like a gorgon's head, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of it's-not-a-fee fees won't suddenly sprout up to take the place of the old ones. It will probably turn out that this was suggested, as an alternative to making real and needed changes, by banks themselves. *RON*]

Rupert Jones, Guardian, 19 July 2017
All extra charges added to payments for goods and services made by card are to be outlawed, ending a “rip-off” that costs Britons hundreds of millions of pounds a year, the government has announced.

Fees for paying with plastic – most commonly a credit card – are routinely levied on everything from low-cost flights and tax bills to cinema tickets and takeaway meals, but the Treasury announced that these would be consigned to history from January 2018.

The government said the move, which builds on an EU directive, would mean “shoppers across the…