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Creationist Blames Dreadful Attendance at Ark Theme Park on Tax-Starved City Not Supplying 'Tourist Services'

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["Ark Encounter" founder Ken Ham previously accused atheists of scaring away visitors. *RON*]
Noor Al-SibaiRaw Story / AlterNet, 4 July 2017

The creationist behind Kentucky’s failing “Ark Encounter’ theme park is at it again.

Ken Ham, the president and CEO of “Christian apologist ministry” Answers in Genesis, penned an op-ed that once again deflects the blame for the failure of his Noah’s Ark replica theme park. This time, Ham argued that the culprit is Williamstown which footed the $92 million bill for the park that now graces their city for not providing enough infrastructure to accommodate visitors to their new “attraction.”

“Williamstown, where the Ark is located, doesn’t have the tourist-related services that Dry Ridge [a neighboring tourist trap] has, so it needs more businesses like hotels and restaurants if it hopes to experience the growth that Dry Ridge is now enjoying,” Ham wrote.

There are a slew of problems with Ham’s reason…

B.C. bee industry suffers serious losses after cold, wet winter

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[Survey found 31% (!!) of colonies did not survive winter, compared to typical losses of 17 to 18% See also: Bee lifespan shortened by exposure to neonicotinoids, study says; and Blueberries suffering from lack of bees, says new report. *RON*]
Roshini Nair, CBC News 1 July 2017
An annual spring survey of British Columbia's beekeepers revealed a higher percentage than usual of colony loss over the long, cold winter.

The survey, conducted by the Provincial Apiculture Office last month, asked beekeepers across the province to report how many of their colonies survived winter.

It found 31 per cent of the wintering bee colonies did not survive, which could have an impact on B.C.'s agricultural industry and honey production this year.
More bees could boost B.C. blueberries by $20M, says Vancity report

Typically, bees are less active in the winter. They enter a winter cluster where they keep warm inside their hive, consuming the honey they have prod…

Scots with no religion at record level

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[Similar shifts in religious affiliation and related social changes have been occurring in Ireland. *RON*]

NatCen Press Release, 1 July 2017

The proportion of people in Scotland who describe themselves as having no religion at all has reached its highest ever level, according to ScotCen’s latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey.

The new findings from Scotland’s most authoritative survey of public attitudes show that nearly six in ten (58%) now say that they have no religion, up 18 points on 1999 when the figure stood at four in ten (40%).
Young least religious

Young people are least likely to be religious; three quarters of young people (74% of 18-34s) say they have no religion compared with 34% of those over 65.

There has been a fall in religious identity across all age groups, however it has been slowest among those over 65. There has been an 11 percentage point increase in the proportion of over 65s who say they have no religion between 1999 and 2…

North Korea tests missile it claims can reach 'anywhere in the world'

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[Weapons of mass distraction. North Korea announces successful first test of long-range missile. Test comes after Trump phoned leaders of China and Japan. See also: China-Russia diplomatic double act exposes Trump's crudeness. *RON*]
Euan McKirdy, CNN, 4 July 2017

(CNN)North Korea claims to have conducted its first successful test of a long-range missile that it says can "reach anywhere in the world."
Tuesday morning's missile test, which was conducted on the orders of the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, reached a height of 2,802 kilometers (1,741 miles), according to state broadcaster Korea Central Television (KCTV).
That's the highest altitude ever reached by a North Korean missile, and puts the US on notice that Pyongyang could potentially hit the US mainland.

The regime appears to have timed the launch for maximum political effect, giving the order to fire on the eve of the July 4 holiday, just days after US Presiden…

No 10 ‘buried terror report to protect Saudi Arabians’

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[The hypocrisy is thick all around. The Saudis still claim to be threatening Qatar over doing the same thing they do: sponsor terrorism. See Qatar delivers response to demands from Saudi-led bloc. *RON*]

Lucy Fisher, The Times, 4 July 2017
Theresa May has been accused of burying a report into the funding of Islamist extremism in the UK for fear it will embarrass Saudi Arabia.

It has emerged that the report, which was originally commissioned by David Cameron in January last year and had been due to be completed by last Easter, has been in Mrs May’s possession for at least six months.

She said yesterday in response to a parliamentary question that “ministers are considering advice on what is able to be published and will report to parliament with an update in due course”.

Home Office sources said the report does include references to Saudi Arabia but insisted that the Gulf state was not a major focus of it.

It was undertaken as part of a deal Mr Camer…