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Gov. LePage considers releasing female inmates to ease workforce shortage

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[Quick -- make this man a VP at Walmart! Slavery as a business model. *RON*]

Marissa Bodnar, WGME News [Maine], 31 May 2017

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Days after releasing more than a dozen male prisoners, the governor says he's now looking at female inmates and hoping they can help relieve a shortage of workers across the state as the summer tourism season gets underway.

Steve Hewins, who heads Maine's Restaurant and Innkeepers Association, said the shortage is so severe it's already impacting some businesses, and now is as good a time as any to consider out of the box ideas.

"I'm open to any option and I exclude nothing," said Hewins.

Hewins said the hospitality industry needs all the help it can get.

"Some of the restaurants are delaying their openings when they normally might be open. Now they're not quite ready," he said. "I've heard some inns closed off sections of their property because they can't c…

IMF warns about Canadian housing and household debt, urges more action by government

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[Says neoliberal Canadian government, Oh, that's okay, we've taken care of all that. And where do the words 'money laundering' appear in this article? Nowhere. Here's a fact that should have made big headlines and didn't: "Moody’s Investors Service recently downgraded Canada’s six big banks amid concerns about consumer debt and housing prices that could leave them vulnerable." *RON*]

Canadian Press, Toronto Sun, 31 May 2017
OTTAWA — The International Monetary Fund is warning about the risks to the Canadian economy due to a possible correction in the housing market and urged governments to do more to protect against them.

In the preliminary findings of its annual review of the Canadian economy, the IMF said Wednesday that a further tightening of macroprudential and tax-based measures to mitigate speculative and investment activity should be considered.

It also called for greater co-ordination between federal and pro…

The ultra-rich are hiding way more money overseas than anyone realized

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[The US has become one of the world's largest tax and secrecy havens. Outside of Kenya, it is the easiest place in the world to register an anonymous shell company. This is not just for tax evasion. Havens are used to finance terrorism, and to launder money from corruption or the trafficking in drugs, people, and arms. *RON*]

Ana Swanson, Washington Post, 1 June 2017
It was the most consequential leak in the history of the offshore world, providing journalists and the public an unparalleled view into a notoriously shadowy industry that shuttles secret wealth around the globe.

In 2007, an engineer extracted detailed records on the hidden wealth of more than 30,000 clients of HSBC Private Bank, the Swiss subsidiary of the British multinational banking giant, and secreted them to the French government. The data, which eventually became known as the “Swiss leaks,” ended up in the hands of other authorities and of journalists.

Now, that data, along …

Some Walmart workers now deliver packages on their way home

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[This is how the corporatocracy aims to make American great. The company makes $905,000 in revenues per minute; the Walton family is worth $152 billion; 63% of Walmart workers make less than $25k per year; the public subsidizes Walmart employees with more than $9 billion in welfare payments. See also: Walmart Is Accused of Punishing Workers for Sick Days. *RON*]

Jackie Wattles, CNN Money, 1 June 2017

"Since it's on your way, can you drop this off?"

That's essentially what Walmart is asking some store workers, if they've opted to participate in a new delivery program.

More specifically, the retailer is testing out the concept of having employees deliver packages to customers' homes on their commute home.

In a blog post published Thursday, Walmart (WMT) touted the idea as a way to both speed up its delivery service and help employees make a little extra money.

Two stores in New Jersey and one in Arkansas have been trying it ou…

World pledges to save 'Mother Earth' despite Trump's snub to climate pact

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[Murderous ignorance. Who is he supporting, since polls show the vast majority of the public want action, as do the vast majority of the world's states, as do the banksters and the oil and gas companies? See also: Goldman Sachs boss Lloyd Blankfein uses first ever tweet to condemn Donald Trump’s Paris agreement withdrawal, and ExxonMobil endorses the Paris Climate Agreement, and EU to bypass Trump administration after Paris climate agreement pullout. *RON*]

Thomas Escritt & Philip Blenkinsop, Reuters, 2 June 2017

Link here to a Reuters video.

China and Europe pledged on Friday to unite to save "Mother Earth" in the face of U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to take the world's second largest carbon polluter out of the Paris climate change pact.

Others including Russia, India and Mexico quickly signaled their commitment to the accord, although a Kremlin aide said it would not be viable without U.S. participation.