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'Neo-Nazi' in Florida National Guard arrested after explosives found at Tampa Palms murder scene

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[Our world today. A neo-nazi living with two other neo-nazis converts to Islam, then murders his roommates for disrespecting his religion. *RON*]

Tony Marrero and John Martin, Tampa Bay Times, 22 May 2017

TAMPA — A man accused of shooting his two roommates Friday in a Tampa Palms apartment told police he shared neo-Nazi beliefs with the men until he converted to Islam then killed them because they showed disrespect for his faith.

The revelations weren't over.

Officers found a garage stocked with bomb materials as they arrived to investigate the double homicide, leading to federal explosive charges against Brandon Russell — a Florida National Guardsman and admitted neo-Nazi who kept a framed photo of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on his dresser.

Russell, 21, was the man Tampa police officers found crying outside his door Friday evening when murder suspect Devon Arthurs led them back to the apartment that the four had shared in an affluent …

Bill Wilson, Jody Wilson-Raybould's Father, Blasts MMIW Inquiry As 'Bloody Farce'

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[Bill Wilson is a long-time community activist. "You have failed miserably," Wilson rails against the commissioners in a lengthy Facebook diatribe posted on the weekend. "It is time for you all to resign." *RON*]
Canadian Press, Huffington Post, 25 May 2017

OTTAWA — Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould's father is calling the national public inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women a "bloody farce."

Bill Wilson, a hereditary chief, says the commissioners have "failed miserably."

Wilson is far from the first person to criticise the inquiry for its glacial pace of progress — family members of victims and indigenous activists have been growing frustrated with a lack of activity and what they consider poor communication.

But his profile as Wilson-Raybould's father, as well as an indigenous leader who famously battled with then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau in the 1980s, has given his expression…

The Manchester Attack - A Blowback From Britain's Terror Support In Libya, Syria And Beyond

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[See also: Jeremy Corbyn suggests Britain's wars abroad to blame for Manchester suicide bombing, and Manchester Attacks: What Price Hypocrisy? The other weird thing is all the comments along the lines of "Nothing like this has ever happened here before" and "Now I will never feel safe here" -- has everyone forgotten the IRA bombings of Manchester of the nineties? *RON*]

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When I first learned of yesterday's terror incident in Manchester, UK I snarked:
Moon of Alabama‏ @MoonofA So another heroic "Syrian rebel" - which the British government avidly supports - blew himself up. But why in #Manchester? 6:26 AM - 23 May 2017 Several people attacked me over that tweet.

How would I know it was a "Syrian rebel" who blew himself up in the Manchester Arena?

Well, how would you know that any of the takfiri "Syrian rebels" the UK, the U.S. and their G…

Feds probing psychiatric hospitals for locking in patients to boost profits

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[The glories of capitalism. At least three federal agencies are looking into Universal Health Services. *RON*]

Beth Mole, Ars Technica, 24 May 2017
At least three US federal agencies are now investigating Universal Health Services over allegations that its psychiatric hospitals keep patients longer than needed in order to milk insurance companies, Buzzfeed News reports.

According to several sources, the UHS' chain of psychiatric facilities—the largest in the country—will delay patients' discharge dates until the day insurance coverage runs out, regardless of the need of the patient. Because the hospitals are reimbursed per day, the practice extracts the maximum amount of money from insurance companies. It also can be devastating to patients, who are needlessly kept from returning to their jobs and families. To cover up the scheme, medical notes are sometimes altered and doctors come up with excuses, such as medication changes, sources alle…

'Coalition strikes kill 106 civilians' in Al Mayadeen

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[The citizenry is being blown to bits by all sides involved: "They used to have to have 'near certainty' that no civilians would be killed - it's a much looser rule now." No reaction from the US-led coalition to reports of at least 106 deaths from an attack on ISIL-held Al Mayadeen in Deir Az Zor. See also: War in Afghanistan Is Killing Children in Record Numbers in 2017. *RON*]

Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies

At least 106 civilians, including 42 children, have been killed in a series of air strikes by the US-led coalition on an ISIL-held town in eastern Syria, according to a monitoring group.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) says the deaths resulted from air strikes targeted Al Mayadeen in the province of Deir Az Zor.

"There were two rounds of strikes: one at Thursday night and the second after midnight, targeting buildings housing families of [ISIL] fighters," Rami Abdel Rahman,…