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'Take cover' emergency declared at Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state

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["No radiation detected" after partial tunnel collapse over railcars carrying waste. This is roughly 350 miles from here. *RON*]

Karin Larsen, CBC News, 9 May 2017
An emergency has been declared at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in south-central Washington state after the partial collapse of a tunnel containing railcars full of nuclear waste.

"Near where two tunnels join together there is a [six-metre by six-metre] cave-in," said a Hanford joint information centre spokesperson. "There is no detected contamination or [radiation] release at this time." 
Approximately 3,000 workers in the vicinity of the cave-in were told to "take cover" in offices or trailers when it was first detected, but as of 3 p.m. PT all non-essential staff were allowed to leave the site.

Surrounding residents in Benton and Franklin counties were not affected and updates are being posted on the Hanford Emergency Information website.

The t…

Elizabeth May Worried About Liberals' Use Of 'Harper Tactics'

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[Attacking Canadian democracy. The new boss is singing the same old tunes. Using time allocation, omnibus legislation, and trying to stifle supposedly independent bodies, in this case, the Parliamentary Budget Office. *RON*]
Ryan Maloney, Huffington Post, 9 May 2017
Elizabeth May is concerned about what she calls the increased use of “Harper tactics” from the Liberal government.

The Green Party leader rose in the House of Commons Tuesday morning to bemoan that the government invoked time allocation on Bill C-44, its budget implementation legislation tabled in April.

Opposition MPs have called C-44, which clocks in at nearly 300 pages, an omnibus bill because it includes controversial changes to the powers of the Parliamentary Budget Office and a new law clearing the way for the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

May said Tuesday it was unfortunate that Government House Leader Bardish Chagger was not in the House to answer questions about the tactic, which…

Wild dolphins’ immune systems are failing because of ocean pollution

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[The first study comparing the health of wild and captive dolphins found that the captives ones are much healthier. Wild dolphins are suffering greatly due to pollution, and are starting to carry diseases which could affect even humans. *RON*]
Mihai Andrei, ZME Science, 8 May 2017

When it comes to protecting the planet, we focus almost all our efforts on land even though most of it is covered by seas and oceans. The reasoning is pretty simple: we live on land, we don’t really see what’s happening in the water — even though scientists have a pretty good idea about the general in’s and out’s of the oceans, it’s hard to empathize in the same way. To put it bluntly, we don’t really care about the oceans, not as much as we should. For the most part, humanity has treated the oceans like a big sink (for carbon, plastic, and junk in general), and it’s starting to show.

As predators pretty high up the food chain, they tend to accumulate the pollution from …

Study reveals half of young Europeans are skeptical about democracy

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[Just half of Europeans aged 16-26 believe democracy is the best form of government. The figure was revealed in a survey that polled 6,000 young Europeans in seven countries. Click here to see the findings. *RON*]
Matt Zuvela, Deutsche Welle, 4 May 2017

The results of the and released Thursday, show that respondents from Germany and Greece were most in favor of democracy (62 and 66 percent), while France, Italy and Poland were the least convinced of its effectiveness (42, 45 and 42 percent).

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The study noted that the latter three countries had experienced a growth in populist movements. France sees a runoff vote this weekend to decide if Marine Le Pen, a far-right candidate claiming she will protect France's national identity, will be its next president. However, polls predict Emmanuel Macron, a centrist candidate, is likely to claim victory.

The YouGov study, which was conducted be…