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Today's Trumpery

In Berlin, a Model for Creative and Affordable Housing

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[We need a little positivity now and again... Cities with vibrant arts, music, and social scenes are being hit hard by gentrification. But Berlin’s "co-housing culture" shows that a city’s future doesn’t have to go that way. *RON*]
Sarah van Gelder, YES! magazine, 12 April 2017

San Francisco used to be famous for its tolerant and creative culture. These days, it’s more famous for its astronomical cost of living; the average rent as of February for a one-bedroom apartment was $3,368. Cities with vibrant arts, music, and social scenes are being hit hard by gentrification. The pattern repeats itself in cities everywhere—artists, nonprofit leaders, young people, DIY culture, urban farmers, and small-scale entrepreneurs begin revitalizing a city. Then real estate speculators arrive, and before long the people who created the scene and many long-time residents find themselves priced out, leaving only the super wealthy—and the homeless.

But this…

Suicide of an Uber engineer: Widow blames job stress

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[The crapification of labour. The 'sharing economy' is killing us. "Uber declined to comment..." See also: SF man offers free rides to passengers who #DeleteUber. *RON*]

Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle, 25 April 2017

Joseph Thomas thought he had it made when he landed a $170,000 job as a software engineer at Uber’s San Francisco headquarters last year. He and his wife, Zecole, had just bought a Spanish-style house in Pittsburg, where they were living the American dream with their two young sons. A handsome and accomplished man, Thomas reminded some people of Tiger Woods for both his good looks and his drive to succeed.

But his time at Uber turned into a personal tragedy, one that will compel the ride-hailing company to answer questions before a judge about its aggressive work culture.

Always adept with computers, Joseph Thomas worked his way up the ladder at tech jobs in his native Atlanta, then at LinkedIn in Mountain View…

Report Card: How did the BC Government Do in Education?

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! *RON*]
Open the Doors, 17 April 2017

Everyone who wants to should be able to get an education, regardless of their income — and without being saddled with a lifetime of debt. It’s what we need for BC’s economy to thrive, and for families to build a better future. So, how does the BC Government measure up on investing in post-secondary education?
The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC—representing 10,000 faculty and staff at BC universities, colleges, institutes, and private sectors institutions—looked at the facts on tuition fees, funding, student, debt, and adult basic education and ESL, and put together a Report Card.

Across the board, the BC Government gets failing grades for its performance in the last 15 years.

Students are getting less access to the schools and programs they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Our province – and our young people – deserve better than this. BC needs a government that will act now t…

Home to World's Biggest Wind-Turbine Maker to End All Subsidies

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[Danish renewable energy is set to be subsidy-free in a few years; the shift is coming faster than expected. Can the same be said of Canadian oil and gas? Vote accordingly. *RON*]

Peter Levring, Bloomberg, 24 April 2017

After more than four decades of relying on subsidies, Denmark’s renewable energy industry is ready to survive on its own much sooner than anyone expected.

The Danish energy minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt, says that “in just a few years,” renewable energy providers won’t need state support anymore. He says it’s a development he couldn’t have imagined as recently as last year.

“We’re now very close to arriving,” he said in an interview in Copenhagen on Monday, after receiving a set of recommendations from a government-appointed panel on Denmark’s energy future.

The development marks a milestone. But it also comes at a time when the direction of global energy policies is in doubt, with U.S. President Donald Trump questioning the scie…

U.S. trophy hunters pass the hat for Christy Clark

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[BC ELECTION 2017!!! Change the laws on political donations! US trophy hunters have donated $60,000 to Christy Clark. 👿👿👿 See also David Suzuki's The Grisly Truth about B.C.’s Grizzly Trophy Hunt. *RON*]

Kai Nagata, Dogwood, 20 March 2017

Safari Club International sends $60,000 to shore up BC Liberal election campaign

If there’s one thing Donald Trump’s sons, Porsche-driving dentists and Texas oil barons love most, it’s straddling the lifeless body of an exotic endangered animal.

Chilled by the prospect of losing that opportunity in British Columbia, U.S. trophy hunters are digging deep to ensure the reelection of Premier Christy Clark.

As the Canadian chapter of Safari Club International explained in a Facebook post last Friday, “NDP have vowed to end the Grizzly hunt in BC if elected. SCI chapters from CANADA and the USA banded together donating $60000.00” (sic).

The payment appears to be made out to the Guide Outfitters Association of …