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Researchers Link Meeting Corporate Goals to Worker Injuries

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[The finding is especially true in non-union environments. Corporate greed and worker extinction. *RON*]

William Rogers, Left Labor Reporter, 24 April 2017

A recently published research paper finds that corporate managers will sacrifice workers’ safety in order to meet investor earnings expectations.

The paper authored by Judson Caskey, an associate professor of accounting at UCLA, and N. Bugra Ozel, an assistant professor of accounting at the University of Texas at Dallas, was published in the February issue of the Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Caskey and Ozel, find strong evidence showing that when corporations are in danger of not meeting earnings expectation benchmarks set for them by Wall Street, corporate managers will try to lower costs by increasing employees’ workload and cutting back on safety-related expenditures.

Doing so increases the number of job related injuries or illnesses by between 10 percent and 15 percent.

Earnings benchm…

Japan to exceed bluefin tuna quota amid warnings of commercial extinction

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[Greed and extinction. Conservationists call on Japan to abide by fishing agreements after reports annual quota will be exceeded two months early. *RON*]
Justin McCurry, The Guardian, 24 April 2017

Conservation groups have called on Japan to abide by international agreements to curb catches of Pacific bluefin tuna after reports said the country was poised to exceed an annual quota two months early – adding to pressure on stocks that have already reached dangerously low levels.

Japan, by far the world’s biggest consumer of Pacific bluefin, has caused “great frustration” with its failure to abide by catch quotas intended to save the species from commercial extinction, said Amanda Nickson, the director of global tuna conservation at Pew Charitable Trusts.

“Just a few years of overfishing will leave Pacific bluefin tuna vulnerable to devastating population reductions,” Nickson said in Tokyo on Monday. “That will threaten not just the fish but also the …

Fracking kills newborn babies - polluted water likely cause

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[Radioactive pollution from well water is the likely cause. *RON*]

Oliver Tickell, The Ecologist, 25 April 2017

A new study in Pennsylvania, USA shows that fracking is strongly related to increased mortality in young babies. The effect is most pronounced in counties with many drinking water wells indicating that contamination by 'produced water' from fracking is a likely cause. Radioactive pollution with uranium, thorium and radium is a 'plausible explanation' for the excess deaths.

These results raise serious questions about potential health hazards of fracking, especially since the fetus and infant are most susceptible to environmental pollutants. This is a public health issue which should be investigated!

A new study of Pennsylvania counties published today in the Journal of Environmental Protection shows for the first time that contamination from fracking kills babies.

The Marcellus shale area of Pennsylvania was one of the first…

20 times Christy Clark got caught making stuff up about the economy

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[BC ELECTION 2017!!! *RON*]
Press Progress, 24 April 2017

Anyone else notice a pattern?

Over the years, BC Liberal leader Christy Clark has been forced to apologize for misleading the public about non-existent RCMP investigations and she also apologized for accusing non-existent NDP hackers of downloading publicly available documents from her website.

One time, Clark even cited a poll about a national park that did not exist.

But when it comes to the economy, that's where Clark really excels at misleading the public with exaggerated numbers, fuzzy math and making stuff up to sound like she's doing just great.

Here are 20 quick examples to illustrate the point:
1. Christy Clark made stuff up about BC having the lowest middle class taxes

During last week's BC leadership debate, Christy Clark repeatedly claimed BC has the "lowest middle class taxes in the country."

One small problem: Clark's own budget documents show BC's mid…

In battle of B.C. election platforms, Greens win: Expert

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[The Greens have a tiny fraction of the budget of the other two parties; nickels to their dollars. This means that the absence of a meaningful NDP or Liberal plan is no accident. Gaps in BC NDP and Liberal platforms leave voters without crucial information, argues economist Lindsay Tedds. See also: Green, undecided surge could play ‘startling’ role in election: pollster. *RON*]
Jen St. Denis, Metro News Vancouver, 24 April 2017

The BC Greens have only ever managed to elect one MLA and have never formed government. But a B.C.-based economist is giving their platform top marks for clear, sensible policy — in contrast to the BC Liberals’ and BC NDP’s.

“So far it’s been very impressive,” said Lindsay Tedds, a professor at the University of Victoria’s School of Public Policy. “It’s sensible, it’s realistic.”

When it comes to assessing the platforms, Tedds warns that there are some “bombs” in all of them: promises that are unclear, impossible to impl…