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Five Facepalm-Worthy Facts from UBC’s New Analysis on the Site C Dam

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! It's all about Christy getting LNG plants and satisfying foreign corporate welfare queens. We don't need the power and we may never need it. It has already killed BC's conservation efforts. It is radically over-priced with a bill that grows by the day. It is far more expensive than renewables. It makes a complete joke of Aboriginal reconciliation. *RON*]

Carol Linnitt, DeSmog Blog, 19 April 2017
The Site C dam no longer makes economic sense and construction on the project should be halted immediately, according to researchers from the University of British Columbia.

That recommendation comes on the heels of a major new study that examines the business case for Site C given major changes in economic and energy market conditions since the project was first proposed in the 1980s.

“We brought together a team of experts in energy and engineering and took a look at the business case for Site C as it stands today,” Karen B…

B.C. Scales Down Energy-Saving Measures to Manufacture Demand for Site C: UBC Report

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! In a time of dangerous global warming this is one of the most horrible, underhanded bits of political nonsense I've ever seen. (Check out the graph.) *RON*]

Carol Linnitt, DeSmogBlog, 20 April 2017

Way back in the good ole days of 2010, B.C. released the Clean Energy Act, a plan that required the province to conserve massive amounts of energy.

And, all in all, B.C. has been pretty good at that. But that all changed in 2013 when the B.C. government approved the Site C dam.

According to a new report released this week by the University of British Columbia’s Program on Water Governance, since 2013 B.C. has “moderated” energy conservation measures even though those measures would have reduced B.C.’s power demand, at a significantly cheaper cost than building Site C.

These measures include codes and standards for building efficiency, stepped rate structures to reduce energy consumption, and programs like low interests loans and ta…

Fact Check: Promises, promises — last election's 'epic fail'

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! A trillion dollars vaporized. Experts say the biggest election promise of B.C.'s 2013 campaign — LNG — holds lessons for voters in 2017.
Eric Rankin, Justin McElroy, CBC News, 11 April 2017

The Bard of the Yukon, Robert W. Service, once wrote, "a promise made is a debt unpaid." If that's true, then the BC Liberals owe the province a trillion dollars — plus or minus a few billion.

That's how much the BC Liberals promised would come our way– if we voted for Christy Clark in the 2013 election.

Back then, as in this election, Clark was in trouble in the polls. Even her leadership was under fire within the Liberal party.

Then came the promise– which became a massive plank in her election platform.

Under the steady hand of her leadership, she vowed B.C. would reap the riches of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

She said her party had the vision to make sure the province's natural gas reserves flowed to i…

Images from the March for Science in Vancouver

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[I haven't seen attendance counts, but it seemed like there was an awful lot of people there! Such things never seem to get the coverage they deserve. (Gosh, you would almost begin to think that the mainstream media WAS the 1%.) I have a short YouTube video of the event here. *RON*]
Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight, 22 April 2017

Scientists aren't known for taking to the streets for noisy protests.

But today, hundreds came out of their labs on Earth Day for the March for Science in Vancouver.

Similar marches were held in cities around the world in response to the antiscientific utterances by U.S. president Donald Trump, not to mention his massive budget cuts to the National Institutes of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Trump has claimed that global warming is hoax invented by the Chinese.

He's also linked autism to vaccinations.

Below, you can see some images of today's event in Vancouver, courtesy of the Twittersphere.