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Airlines Can Treat You Like Garbage Because They Are an Oligopoly

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[The title and the photo says it all. *RON*]
Alex Pareene, Fusion, 11 April 2017

This week, everyone is asking some variation of this question:

There is actually a pretty simple answer. Why is an armed agent of the state using violence to enforce a contract freely entered into by two private parties? Because that is more or less how you define “classical liberalism.” You may have thought that buying a ticket and boarding a plane and even sitting in your assigned seat meant you had some “right” to “fly on the plane.” Legally and contractually, you do not. (Welcome, Tweeps, to your first reckoning with the inherent contradictions in the philosophical underpinnings of laissez-faire capitalism and its conception of “coercion.”)

Of course, this isn’t how capitalism is supposed to work. This isn’t how it’s sold to us. Goons dragging bloodied passengers off of airplanes shouldn’t happen in a world where people “vote with their wallets” and corporations c…

The BC Ministry of Environment Approves Discharge into Quesnel Lake

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! A short web site posting by the Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake. This is how far Christy Clark is from punishing the Mount Polley corporation for causing one of the worst mining disasters in BC history. While you're at it, see also: Nature lovers ask B.C. Hydro to delay destruction of rarely-seen bird's nesting ground. *RON*]

Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake, 7 April 2017

This afternoon the BC MOE released the news that they have approved MPMC's application to discharge treated mine effluent into Quesnel Lake, until December 2022.

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There isn't much left to say to day, but I have enclosed the thoughts of one of our CCQL members

"This is a sad day! One of the saddest I've experienced- we've just lost one of the most pristine- naturally pure bodies of water in this province…

Federal legislation on legalizing marijuana unveiled

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[So sketchily planned that this issue is bound to turn into a political zoo. My prediction: the government will mandate such expensive, low-potency marijuana that the criminal market will continue to thrive. *RON*]
Kristy Kirkup, Canadian Press / Global News, 13 April 2017

OTTAWA – Adults 18 and older will be able to legally buy and cultivate small amounts of marijuana for personal use, while selling the drug to a minor will become a serious new criminal offence under the federal Liberal government’s proposed new legal-pot regime.

READ MORE: Pot legalization in Canada: Here’s what you need to know about proposed law

A suite of legislation introduced Thursday would, once passed, establish a “strict legal framework” for the production, sale, distribution and possession of pot, and make it against the law to sell cannabis to youth or use a young person to commit a cannabis-related crime.

New penalties would range from a simple police citation to 14 y…

Vancouver's empty home problem spreading to suburbs

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[66,000 homes is the size of a small city. *RON*]

Kendra Mangione, CTV Vancouver, 13 April 2017

Vacant homes are such an issue in Vancouver that the city has implemented a tax in effort to encourage owners to rent unused spaces. But it seems that the problem is not contained by the city's borders.

Recent census data shows there are thousands of unoccupied residences in the suburbs. Last year, 66,719 homes in Metro Vancouver were deemed "non-resident" occupied, according to Statistics Canada.

A "non-resident" home is a blanket term used to refer to a residence that is either empty or occupied by a foreign or temporary resident. Research has shown most of those homes identified by that term are actually empty.

A recent census showed there are tens of thousands of unoccupied homes in Vancouver's suburbs.

According to the City of Vancouver, there are at least 10,800 homes unoccupied year-round, and roughly 10,000 more that are …

Drug firm withheld cancer medicine to get big price hikes: Report

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[Corporate venality and what would have amounted to corporate murder. Internal documents and emails revealing Aspen Pharmacare discussed destroying life-saving cancer drugs to drive the prices up to levels they had demanded. *RON*]

Staff, Starts At 60, 14 April 2017

A big drug company created artificial shortages of a cancer medicine across Europe in an attempt to push up prices by thousands of percent, according to an investigation by The Times.

The British newspaper reported that Aspen Pharmacare even discussed destroying stockpiles of the life-saving medication during a battle with the Spanish authorities over the cost of the drugs.

The Times, which said it had access to documents including internal Aspen emails and presentations, reported that the company owned drugs needed by children with leukaemia and elderly people with cancer. There were no real competitors in the market and doctors had limited other therapies they could use for the illnes…