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Uganda at breaking point as Bidi Bidi becomes world's largest refugee camp

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[The global refugee phenomenon is bursting and overflowing. A compassionate refugee policy has led Uganda to welcome 800,000 people escaping conflict and famine in South Sudan. But the strain is starting to show. *RON*]

Julian Hattem, Guardian, 3 April 2017

The central reception area of the Imvepi refugee settlement, in northern Uganda, is packed to the brim. Thousands of people are crammed into a patch of land meant to hold just a fraction of the current load. They’ve been waiting for days, stuck in an administrative backlog the government of Uganda attributes to lack of funding and an unceasing stream of people from South Sudan.

Famine, economic collapse and years of fighting have forced people out of South Sudan faster than from any other nation on the planet. The stream of arrivals, who averaged 2,800 each day in March, has begun to take a toll on the country’s southern neighbour Uganda, host to roughly half of the 1.6 million people forced to…

'Adios!': Mexican newspaper Norte closes after murder of journalist

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[Freedom of expression is the tap-root of democracy. Here the news is owned by plutocrats and protest is suppressed while the public is quietly surveilled. There, uncooperative journalists are simply shot. Norte editor tells readers the paper is closing because the safety of reporters cannot be guaranteed. *RON*]

Staff and agencies, Guardian, 3 April 2017

A newspaper in the Mexican border city of Juárez has announced that it is shutting down because the unpunished killings of journalists in the country have made it too dangerous to go on.

Oscar Cantu Murguia, the editor of Norte, informed readers of his decision in a farewell letter titled “Adios!” that was published on the paper’s front page and online.
He cited the recent murder of journalist Miroslava Breach in the city of Chihuahua, which like Juárez is in Chihuahua state. Breach was a reporter for the national newspaper La Jornada and had also collaborated with Norte.

Breach was shot eight tim…

How to Prevent Suicide with an Opioid

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[A fascinating study on treating 'psychache' - taking the idea of psychological pain literally. *RON*]

By Anne Skomorowsky on February 14, 2017

The idea that suicide is caused by psychological pain may seem self-evident, but recognizing this was a departure for psychiatry. Depression and other psychiatric disorders—which are often associated with suicide—are diagnoses, and diagnoses are the coin of psychiatry’s realm; however, psychological pain is an experience, one that may not be connected to any diagnosis.

The psychologist Edwin Shneidman, who founded the Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center in the 1950s, rejected the diagnosis-based medical model of suicidal behavior. He coined the phrase “psychological autopsy,” a procedure he used most famously to establish Marilyn Monroe’s death as a probable suicide. The “autopsy” consisted of post-mortem interviews with the family and friends of the deceased, to establish his or her frame of …

45 killed in attack on Egypt's Coptic Christians: All you need to know about the community

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[Background on the Copts and recent history. *RON*]

FP Staff & Agencies, First Post, 10 Aprril 2017

At least 45 people were killed and nearly 120 others injured in powerful blasts triggered by the Islamic State in two churches packed with worshippers celebrating Palm Sunday in Egypt's Tanta and Alexandria cities, the deadliest attacks on the minority Coptic Christians in recent years.

The explosion comes weeks before the visit of Pope Francis to Egypt on 28 April.

While Egypt is a Muslim-majority country, Coptic Christians, who represent 10 percent of the population, have played an important role in the country's history.

Here is an all you need to know about the Coptic Church and its adherents.

Etymology of the word "Coptic"

According to Encyclopedia Coptica, the word Coptic comes from the Greek word "Aigytos" which is derived from "Hikaptah", one of the names for Memphis, the first capital of Ancient …

Offshore Money, Bane of Democracy

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[Canada too, US! "There is a flood of dirty capital pouring into United States real estate." *RON*]

Oliver Bullough, New York Times, 7 April

LONDON — Almost one-third of top-end property purchases in America’s biggest cities are suspect, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, the body at the Treasury Department whose task it is to protect the United States from money laundering. The government recently granted FinCEN authority to peek behind the veil of secrecy provided by offshore shell companies, and what the bureau has seen is disturbing: There is a flood of dirty capital pouring into United States real estate, and it isn’t clear who owns it.

Lately there has been substantial media interest in questionable Russian money invested in Donald J. Trump’s developmentprojects. But in terms of volume, Russia is something of a distraction.

Miami realtors say that Russia isn’t among the top 10 countries for investment in sout…