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China Wants Total Access To Canada, May Seek To Import Its Own Workers

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[More on labour crapification and 'free trade.' Bad enough, yet see also: Will Amazon Destroy More US Jobs Than China? *RON*]
Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post, 26 March 2017
China’s government is seeking full access to Canada’s economy in free trade talks, a move that could result in Chinese state-owned companies bringing their own employees to work on projects in Canada.

China’s ambassador to Canada, Lu Shaye, told the Globe and Mail his government wants to avoid discussions of human rights issues, fearing it could become a “bargaining chip” in negotiations.

Additionally, China would see any attempt to block takeovers of Canadian companies on national security grounds as protectionism, Lu said.

“Investment is investment. We should not take too much political considerations into the investment,” he said. “Just like the negotiations of the (Canada-U.S.) FTA, we should not let political factors into this process. Otherwise, it would be very dif…

Yemen: Attack on Refugee Boat Likely War Crime

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[Denials all around and a total failure to make proper investigations. Thank you so very much, King Salman and Donald Trump. *RON*]

Human Rights Watch, 26 March 2017.

(Beirut) – An apparent Saudi-led coalition attack on a boat carrying Somali civilians off the coast of Yemen highlights the need for accountability on the second anniversary of the Yemeni armed conflict, Human Rights Watch said today. Several witnesses reported that on March 16, 2017, a helicopter fired on the boat, killing at least 32 of the 145 Somali migrants and refugees on board and one Yemeni civilian. Another 29, including six children, were wounded, and 10 more remain missing. Photos of the boat taken the next day show damage consistent with gunfire from an aerial attack.

All the parties to the conflict denied responsibility for the attack. Only the Saudi-led coalition has military aircraft. The Houthi-Saleh forces do not. Somalia, which supports the coalition, called on the …

Mexico Drug War Investigators Unearth 47 More Skulls in Mass Graves

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[Now nearly 300 skulls of drug cartel victims found in just the past few days. See also: Mexican journalist shot dead in Chihuahua. (She covered the dangerous combination of politics and crime.) *RON*]

Reuters, VOA News, 20 March 2017
Investigators unearthed the skulls of 47 more suspected victims of Mexico's drug war in Veracruz state, just days after uncovering 250 skulls at a separate mass grave used by drug cartels, the state's attorney general said on Sunday.

Veracruz, on Mexico's Gulf coast, has long been a stomping ground for criminal gangs, who fight over lucrative drug and migrant smuggling routes.

Giving details on the latest grisly find, Jorge Winckler said the skulls and remains of multiple body parts were unearthed from eight unmarked graves, clustered in a 120 sq meter area, about 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the town of Alvarado.

So far, Winckler said, investigators had positively identified one three-person family, missin…

Iraq: ISIS Dumped Hundreds in Mass Grave

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[Security forces, prisoners, women, among those executed. Iraq is, I fear, inevitably going to be encouraged to disintegrate. See also: Has the rule of engagement changed in Iraq? (Answer: Duh, yes.) *RON*]

Human Rights Watch, 22 March 2017

(Erbil) – The Islamic State (also known as ISIS) executed and dumped the bodies of possibly hundreds of detainees at a site near Mosul, Human Rights Watch said today.

Multiple witnesses told Human Rights Watch that the bodies of those killed, including bodies of members of Iraqi security forces, were thrown into a naturally occurring sinkhole at a site known as Khafsa, about eight kilometers south of western Mosul. Local residents said that before pulling out of the area in mid-February, ISIS laid improvised landmines at the site, which are sometimes referred to as improvised explosive devices or booby traps.

“This mass grave is a grotesque symbol of ISIS’s cruel and depraved conduct – a crime of a monumenta…

Hundreds Arrested at Huge Anti-Corruption Protests Across Russia

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[Tens of thousands rally in Moscow against official corruption. Where are all those RT stories now? *RON*]

Daniel Politi, Slate, 26 March 2017
Tens of thousands of people gathered in Moscow and other major cities across Russia on Sunday to protest against official government corruption in what certainly looked like the largest show of anti-Kremlin defiance since 2012. Hundreds of people were arrested, including prominent opposition figure Alexey Navalny, who was one of the main organizers of the rally. Navalny fueled outrage by releasing a video that alleged the country’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, had amassed a huge fortune as a public servant.

Navany downplayed his detention and called on people to keep on marching. “Today we are discussing (and condemning) corruption, not the detentions. Well, I was detained. So what. It ok. There are things in life that are worth being detained for,” Navalny tweeted. He was not the only one who apparent…