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Southern Command in Costa Rica: US Occupation Disguised as Humanitarian Aid

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[US imperial methods haven't changed since the 19th century, especially in Latin America; and neither has the fact that this simply does NOT get reported on by mainstream media. *RON*]

Santiago Navarro F. & Renata Bessi, Truthout, 18 March 2017

From the top of the great Talamaca mountain range in southern Costa Rica, you can see the Caribbean Sea and the houses of the Bribri and Cabécar Indigenous groups. According to their cosmology, their ancestors are in every tree, in every river and in every living being found in this reserve close to the border with Panama: The place is sacred. But to the Costa Rican government and the United States Southern Command, its value lies in its mineral deposits and oil.

Costa Rica hasn't had an official army for the last 68 years. However, in 2013, people in the Talamaca region were surprised by the arrival of a helicopter full of uniformed military personnel, whom they immediately identified as being…

Oroville Dam: DWR says repair cost estimated at $4.7 million per day

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[Notice the attempt to turn this into a class wars issue. The writer says: "consider union operating engineers’ wages. On the low end of the spectrum, working 12-hour shifts every day would amount to $6,051 a week. On the high end, weekly wages could be $7,336 per week." Now divide $7500 by ($4,700,000 X 7) and count the zeros after the decimal point. Darn those extravagant unions! *RON*]

Risa Johnson, Chico Enterprise Record / The Mercury News, 9 March 2017

Oroville – Just how many people are out working at Oroville Dam in response to the spillway emergency and how much is it going to cost?

Both reporters and elected representatives have struggled to get an answer to that question.

The short answer is this: the Department of Water Resources has 160 employees and anywhere from 300-500 contractors responding to the spillway situation, the DWR told this newspaper Monday. The department has not officially released information about costs of …

'We are all doing it': Employees at Canada's 5 big banks speak out about pressure to dupe customers

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[Banksters at play in your pocketbook: let's hope this goes somewhere. Calls for parliamentary inquiry following CBC's Go Public investigation. See also: 'Customers are prey to me': TD teller says clients pay price for bank's 'unrealistic' sales targets, and TD teller says clients pay price for bank's 'unrealistic' sales targets. *RON*]
Erica Johnson, CBC News, 16 March 2017
Employees from all five of Canada's big banks have flooded Go Public with stories of how they feel pressured to upsell, trick and even lie to customers to meet unrealistic sales targets and keep their jobs.

The deluge is fuelling multiple calls for a parliamentary inquiry, even as the banks claim they're acting in customers' best interests.

In nearly 1,000 emails, employees from RBC, BMO, CIBC, TD and Scotiabank locations across Canada describe the pressures to hit targets that are monitored weekly, daily and in some cases hou…

Georgia 'Domestic Terrorism' Bill Would Likely Fuel Criminalization of Muslim and Immigrant Rights Protesters

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[Ethnic hatred and the US police state. "Georgia, Georgia, über alles." Social attitudes spread from the top, from POTUS. *RON*]

Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof, 16 March 2017

State legislation introduced in Georgia would expand what is considered “domestic terrorism” and make it possible for state authorities to further criminalize Muslim and immigrant rights groups, which may engage in boycotts, sit-ins, and other forms of protest.

The American Civil Liberties Union chapter in Georgia, Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ) in Atlanta, and Project South condemned SB 1, which they argued is “in line with a national trend of state-level legislation written to crack down on protests and suppress the freedom of speech and right to peaceably assemble that is granted by the First Amendment.” They added, “Bills like this exist in eighteen other states.”

Azadeh Shahshahani, a legal and advocacy director for Project South, called the timing of th…

'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death

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[Wow. If they had put one percent of the thought into planning their response to Brexit that they've put into the Queen's dying they would be a far, far happier nation today. "She is venerated around the world. She has outlasted 12 US presidents. She stands for stability and order. But her kingdom is in turmoil, and her subjects are in denial that her reign will ever end. That’s why the palace has a plan." *RON*]
Sam Knight, The Guardian, 17 March 2017

In the plans that exist for the death of the Queen – and there are many versions, held by Buckingham Palace, the government and the BBC – most envisage that she will die after a short illness. Her family and doctors will be there. When the Queen Mother passed away on the afternoon of Easter Saturday, in 2002, at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, she had time to telephone friends to say goodbye, and to give away some of her horses. In these last hours, the Queen’s senior doctor, a gastroe…

From 'Snack Pack' to leader of the Progressive Conservatives: How Jason Kenney got to where he is now

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[Should be interesting. He's been selected to led the party he vowed to dismantle. He'll either pull a Harper and unite the right or pull it apart. *RON*]
James Wood, Calgary Herald, 19 March 2017

Jason Kenney likes to quote an old saying to describe himself, that he tends “to march toward the sound of gunfire.”

The combative Kenney has never been one to back down from a fight, whether it was taking on Ralph Klein as an anti-tax crusader, battling the administration of his Catholic university for not being Catholic enough, or creatively taunting the Liberal government as a member of a group of MPs known as the “Snack Pack.”