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SNP to vote against £369m Buckingham Palace repairs

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[Guillotine watch. Taxpayer funded. Austerity - what's that? *RON*]
Nicholas Cecil, Evening Standard, 15 March 2017

The Queen was caught in a row as MPs voted to spend £369 million to repair Buckingham Palace.

The Scottish National Party opposed the extra money being allocated for the Palace during a time of austerity.

It was immediately accused by a senior Tory MP of being “anti-English and anti-London”, amid tensions over Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon demanding a second Scottish independence vote.

Fire, explosion at Syncrude plant north of Fort McMurray

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[One in hospital, but nothing like this could happen with Kinder Morgan, right? Oh, oops: Recent pipeline fires from Houston companies could contribute to negative perception. *RON*]

CBC News, 15 March 2017

An explosion and fire shut down Syncrude's Mildred Lake oilsands upgrader north of Fort McMurray on Tuesday afternoon.

Alberta Health Services said one person was transported from the plant to the city's Northern Lights Regional Health Centre in serious but stable condition.

Syncrude issued a statement at about 6:15 p.m. MT saying the company's emergency services and operations workers had isolated and controlled the fire.

Saudi Arabia launches girls' council - without any girls

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[Nothing surprising here except the constant un-surprising-ness of it all. *RON*]
BBC News, 14 March 2017

But when Saudi Arabia wanted to show off its inaugural girls' council in al-Qassim province, they overlooked one thing: the women.

Pictures released to mark the first Qassim Girls Council meeting showed 13 men on stage, and not a single female.

The women were apparently in another room, linked via video.

The male-dominated photos have been circulating widely on social media, after the meeting took place on Saturday.

Justin Trudeau isn’t the immigration savior you’re looking for

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[Calgarians say, "He's all hat, no cattle." For Justin we should be saying, "He's all tweets, no action." *RON*]

Abdullah Shihipar. Think Progress, 15 March 2017

When Donald Trump instituted his Muslim ban just one week into his presidency, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemingly had the perfect response. On Twitter, he declared that refugees were always welcome in Canada, regardless of their faith — a move that was seen as an act of defiance on the global stage. But as Trump’s second ban goes into effect on Thursday, it’s worth asking if Trudeau’s actions on immigration have matched his rhetoric.

Trump’s ban initially targeted seven Muslim-majority countries — the revised ban now only targets six countries — but it has created an environment that allowed for the arbitrary questioning, detainment, and even coercion of people not from the targeted countries to sign away their visas and green cards. Canadians do …

Decoding Christy Clark’s “love letter” to the RCMP

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[Interestingly, written by Gordon Campbell's former Chief of Staff! ELECTION BC 2017!!! *RON*]

Martyn Brown, Georgia Straight, 13 March 2017

And just like that, British Columbia’s premier Christy Clark has been forced to tacitly admit the error of her government’s ways, by reversing its course in refusing to even contemplate campaign finance reform.

Behold! She now concedes that more voters than she previously imagined are concerned about fixing B.C.’s globally disparaged “wild west” system of party funding. And further, that, by golly, she is going to take action!

After the election. By appointing an independent committee to study the issue. OK, and maybe also because it’s now the subject of an the RCMP investigation.

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