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Freeland knew her grandfather was editor of Nazi newspaper

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[It is an established fact that Freeland's father was a Nazi propagandist and that Freeland was perfectly well aware of this, and it's interesting to see which journalists claim otherwise, e.g., see: Call Russia's Freeland smear out for the lie it is. *RON*]

Robert Fife, Globe and Mail, 8 March 2017
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland knew for more than two decades that her maternal Ukrainian grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper in occupied Poland that vilified Jews during the Second World War.
Ms. Freeland’s family history has become a target for Russian forces seeking to discredit one of Canada’s highly placed defenders of Ukraine.

Ms. Freeland, who has paid tribute to her maternal grandparents in articles and books, helped edit a scholarly article in the Journal of Ukrainian Studies in 1996 that revealed her grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was a Nazi propagandist for Krakivski Visti (Krakow News).

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One Simple Donation Rule And B.C. Liberals Still Broke It

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[ELECTION BC 2017!!! Influence peddling = bribery. "It's tough to imagine this has been going on for so long and no one in officialdom noticed." Libs are in sore need of a rude awakening. *RON*]
Dermod Travis, Huffington Post, 14 March 2017
This past weekend the Globe and Mail reported that lobbyists in the province have been making political donations on behalf of their clients, effectively camouflaging the identity of the real donors and breaking B.C.'s Elections Act in the process.

On Sunday, Elections B.C. announced it was conducting an investigation into the Globe's findings. Five days later, the entire matter was referred to the RCMP.

To think it was only in January that Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson was boasting to CKNW's Jon McComb that British Columbia has the "most transparent disclosure system in the world."

Kinder Morgan's $771,000 donation to B.C. Liberals raises red flags while Premier shifts to damage control

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! Crony corporatocracy. Just call it what it is: bribery. "We've got a system that opens us up to influence peddling that puts a cash price on decisions that need to be made by the provincial government." *RON*]
Alyse Kotyk,, 15 March 2017

Kinder Morgan's controversial Trans Mountain pipeline is pitting First Nations and climate science against industry and the federal and B.C. governments. rabble's Alyse Kotyk is investigating how TMX will impact British Columbians in the lead-up to the May election. Read her preceding pieces here and here.
The B.C. Liberals are under scrutiny for accepting significant donations from lobbyists, including those connected to the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, sparking an RCMP investigation.

B.C. has Canada’s worst-performing economy for younger generations

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[The chart showing salaries versus housing costs is an eye-popper. *RON*]
Jesse Ferreras, Global News, 15 March 2017
It’s tough out there for young people in B.C. Just ask Generation Squeeze.

B.C. is Canada’s “worst-performing economy” for younger generations, said a report released Wednesday by the organization that advocates on behalf of Canadians in their 20s, 30s and 40s.
“When you live here in B.C., we’re presented with a range of commercials paid for by B.C. which present B.C. as the land of opportunity,” Generation Squeeze founder Paul Kershaw told Global News.

“They make that claim largely based on referring to the fact that we have the best economic growth rates in the country.

GreenLeft proves to be big winner in Dutch election

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[Dutch Trump wannabe, Geert Wilders, goes down in a strong defeat by young (Trudeau lookalike?) GreenLeft leader Jesse Klaver as voters swarm to the polls. Is this the end of far-right populism in Europe? *RON*]

Jon Henley, The Guardian, 16 March 2017

The big winner of Wednesday’s election – and now the largest party of the Dutch left for the first time – was GreenLeft, headed by 30-year-old Jesse Klaver, hailed by his enthusiastic supporters as the “Jessiah”.

With more than 95% of votes counted, the party – formed 25 years ago by a merger of communists, pacifists, evangelicals and self-styled radicals – boosted its MPs from four to 14 after a storming campaign by Klaver.

“This is a fantastic result for us, a historic victory,” said the party chairwoman, Marjolein Meijer.