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Long-awaited B.C. legislation on campaign finance reform won't limit donations

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[BC ELECTION 2017!!! Christy reforms campaign kickbacks finances by refusing to limit cash-for-access donations. See also: Elections B.C. probes Liberal Party fundraising and Wild west: How B.C. lobbyists are breaking one of the province’s few political donation rules. *RON*]

Justine Hunter, Globe and Mail, 8 March 2017
B.C. Premier Christy Clark says her government will introduce legislation on Monday to implement campaign finance reform measures that she promised almost a year ago, but that proposed law will not limit donations to stem the cash-for-access system that helped her party raise more than $12-million last year.
Ms. Clark was commenting for the first time after a Globe and Mail investigation revealed her B.C. Liberal Party collected tens of thousands of dollars in multiple donations from lobbyists who paid under their own names with personal credit cards on behalf of clients and companies and were reimbursed, which is against the law.

Canadians Deserve To Know Why KPMG Tax Dodgers Were Let Off Easy

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[Corporatocrats, cozy politicians, and Canadian law. "They've been willing to gamble that they won't be found out. But they also know that if they are, there is always a way to negotiate a special deal... The minister has promised to make those findings public and then seek input from Canadians." *RON*]
Dennis Howlett, Huffington Post, 10 March 2017
In the fall of 2015, Canadians heard news reports of wealthy tax dodgers using accounting giant KPMG's Isle of Man scheme to avoid paying tax at home. Later, in the spring of 2016, we learned that the Canada Revenue Agency negotiated a secret deal with KPMG to offer their clients secret amnesties without penalties and very little interest if they just agreed to pay the taxes they should have paid in the first place.

In response to public outrage, the House of Commons Finance Committee decided to conduct hearings to find how the Canada Revenue Agency was handling the KPMG Isle of …

Christy Clark's biggest oil industry donors also lobbied her government over ten thousand times

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[ELECTION BC 2017!!! Corporate cronyism in our provincial capitol, Kickback, BC. "Given the tight coupling between public policy in British Columbia and the interests of extractive corporations, these lobbying efforts appear to be highly successful." Sounds like business as usual under BC Premier Christy Clark. *RON*]

Press Progress, 9 March 2017

Of course they did!

As Elections BC launches an investigation into reports that lobbyists are illegally funneling money from corporate interests to the BC Liberals, a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows some of Clark's big money donors also happen to be among the most frequent to lobby her government and shape policy.

Mapping the influence of oil and gas money in BC politics, the CCPA suggests big money is undermining the "public interest" – as well as efforts to "fight climate change":

How US nuclear force modernization is undermining strategic stability: The burst-height compensating super-fuze

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[Extremely creepy piece via my friend Richard. Equally creepy, if not creepier still, are the reader comments to the original article, at least half of which are religious diatribes. *RON*]

Hans M. Kristensen, Matthew McKinzie & Theodore A. Postol, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1 March 2017

The US nuclear forces modernization program has been portrayed to the public as an effort to ensure the reliability and safety of warheads in the US nuclear arsenal, rather than to enhance their military capabilities. In reality, however, that program has implemented revolutionary new technologies that will vastly increase the targeting capability of the US ballistic missile arsenal. This increase in capability is astonishing—boosting the overall killing power of existing US ballistic missile forces by a factor of roughly three—and it creates exactly what one would expect to see, if a nuclear-armed state were planning to have the capacity to fight an…

Six years after the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, a new danger —radioactive boars

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["...the city of Nihonmatsu prepared three mass graves to dispose of 1,800 boars, but the local government says it is running out of land. The city of Soma last year set up municipal incinerators specially designed to burn carcasses and filter out radioactive cesium. But authorities said they lack the staff to stuff the animal parts down the furnace." 😖 *RON*]

Kimiko De Freytas-Tamura, The New York Times, 10 March 2017

They descend on towns and villages, plundering crops and rampaging through homes. They occasionally attack humans. But perhaps most dangerous of all, the marauders carry with them highly radioactive material.

Hundreds of toxic wild boars have been roaming across northern Japan, where the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant six years ago forced thousands of residents to desert their homes, pets and livestock. Some animals, like cattle, were left to rot in their pens.