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Loose lips — Liberals on high alert against spies and media

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[ELECTION BC 2017!! The most free and open and transparent government in BC history?! *RON*]
Mike Smyth, The Province, 4 March 2017

With the election two months away, Christy Clark’s governing Liberal party has issued an internal “protocol” for dealing with the pesky reporters who call local campaign offices: Make an excuse. And hang up.

That was the law laid down by party headquarters recently at a Liberal training camp for regional campaign organizers.

A PowerPoint presentation from the event orders Liberal organizers in each of the 87 electoral ridings to complete a “media scan” of local reporters and news outlets covering the election.

Elections BC probes allegations against B.C. Liberal donors

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[Corporatocratic cronyism = BC politics. Government for the plutocrats, by the plutocrats. Investigation may involve the Justice Ministry, but the entirety of the government is one big happy Liberal family in any case. *RON*]

Richard Zussman, CBC News, 6 March 2017
Elections BC is reviewing allegations that B.C. Liberal donors may have broken the province's Election Act, launching a probe Monday into potential violations involving indirect political donations.

The Globe and Mail reported last weekend that lobbyists made individual donations to the B.C. Liberals — on behalf of corporate clients — using their own credit cards. The report said the lobbyists were later reimbursed.

"These alleged contraventions include indirect political contributions and making or accepting political contributions improperly," said B.C.'s Chief Electoral Officer Keith Archer in a statement.

Trudeau's criticism of 'corporate elites' rings hollow

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[PM paints himself as a champion of working class Canadians, but has done little to help them. See also the story on the deals CRA cut with rich tax avoiders that resulted in the loss of billions in tax revenues. U.S. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R) told MSNBC "he's supposed to be a liberal. You know what he was talking about? Deregulation. I said the liberals in Canada must be different from liberals in America." You mean NEO-liberals, Mitch. *RON*]

Louis-Philippe Rochon, CBC News, 4 March 2017

See: Address by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the St. Matthew’s Day Banquet in Hamburg, Germany

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent admonishment of capitalism left many observers puzzled.

In a rare moment of honesty, the prime minister blamed corporate elites for the rise of voter anger around the world, the same anger that fuelled the popular revolts that led to Brexit and Donald Trump's U.S. electoral victory.

Growing number of migrants renouncing Canadian immigrant status

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[Canada just provides a way to launder cash get money out of China through property purchases. *RON*]

Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun, 7 March 2017

Wealthy Canadians exposed in KPMG offshore tax 'sham'

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[Once again, nothing but meaningless chin-wagging from Canada Revenue Agency. It was up to the media to uncover what CRA could - or would - not. See also: Court chides KPMG, CRA for tax-dodge case delayTrudeau vows to do 'better job' in wake of investigation into KPMG tax dodge. *RON*]
Harvey Cashore, Kimberly Ivany, Frederic Zalac, Gillian Findlay, CBC News, 3  March 2017
KPMG offshore tax dodge 3:11

Ben Carson incorrectly suggests African slaves were 'immigrants' to US

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[Click here for the must-see Twitter response by Samuel L. Jackson, especially the hashtag! πŸ˜† Housing and Urban Development secretary portrayed enslaved people’s forced migration to Americas as journey to ‘land of dreams and opportunity’ in speech. *RON*]

Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian, 7 March 2017

Ben Carson refers to slaves as ‘immigrants’ in address to staff
Ben Carson ushered in his tenure as secretary of Housing and Urban Development by suggesting that Africans brought to the Americas during the Middle Passage as slaves were “immigrants” who imagined the US as a “land of dreams and opportunity”.