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Canadians Over 55 Aren't Filling Their Prescriptions Because Of Cost

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[One reason why the health gap is actually an income gap. "Among countries that have publicly funded health-care systems, Canada is the only one without coverage for prescription drugs." Also, don't forget that Trudeau fought tooth and nail to get CETA passed, which will increase the cost of drugs even more for Canadians. See: Don’t Be Fooled by Liberal Spin on CETA Deal. *RON*]
Canadian Press, Huffington Post, 1 February 2017
VANCOUVER — A new study says Canadians aged 55 and older were the second most likely among comparable countries to stop filling their prescriptions in 2014 because of cost.

The study from the University of British Columbia says one in 12 people in that age group skipped their prescriptions in 2014.

Replacing Parliamentary Secretary A Gross Disservice To Veterans

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["The PMO's office, in its infinite wisdom, decided to replace the only person that was actually trying." Trudeau's post-election strategy: first appoint a great person as leader to great applause and photo-opportunities, then continually hobble them from getting their job done, quietly throw them under the bus, and replace them with one of the usual political hacks. *RON*]
Bruce Moncur, Huffington Post, 1 February 2017

Recently a blanket announcement was made about a shuffle within the Liberal cabinet as a new wave of appointments were made within the departments pertaining to the parliamentary secretary. One that I found interesting was replacing Veterans Affairs Parliamentary Secretary and retired lieutenant colonel Karen McCrimmon with Sherry Romanado.

Many in the community saw Karen McCrimmon as the only person within the department trying, a Canadian Forces pioneer that had showed up to more of my service excellence commi…

Government Report On Salmon Ignores Science, Recommends Grey Seal Cull

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[Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss. Ignoring politically inconvenient evidence concerning the environment. "If fisheries policy is to be based on the best available science, whether or not our politicians 'believe' the science should not be a factor." *RON*]
Sheryl Fink, Huffington Post, 1 February 2017

With little fanfare, Canada's Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans released a report this week on Wild Salmon in Eastern Canada. Between Trump and terror attacks, the report is unlikely to receive much media attention. But it is worth noting how despite Liberal promises of "Real Change" and "treating science with respect," when it comes to the political proclivity for killing seals the song remains the same.

Jason Kenney, Once Hellbent On Upholding Niqab Ban, Can't Stop Welcoming Muslims

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[Nearly unbearable political cynicism. Using Kenney's own words, describing Trump, this is a "brutal, ham-fisted act of demagogic political theatre." *RON*]
Michelle Butterfield, Huffington Post, 1 February 2017

An Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful wants Muslim Canadians to know they have and will always be welcome in Alberta — but the message has some wondering when Jason Kenney changed his tune.

The former federal immigration minister posted a video to YouTube Tuesday, condemning Sunday's shooting attack at a Quebec mosque that left six people dead and 19 injured. (Watch the video embedded above.)

Fox News apologizes for erroneous Quebec terror tweet

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[Fox retracts "a tweet that inaccurately identified the [White, Canadian, Christian] suspect in Sunday night's Quebec mosque terror attack as a man of Moroccan origin." See also: The White House cited the Quebec mosque attack to justify Trump’s policies. *RON*]

Dylan Byers, CNN Money, 31 January 2017: 8:01 PM ET

Amid pressure from the Canadian prime minister, Fox News has apologized for a tweet that inaccurately identified the suspect in Sunday night's Quebec mosque terror attack as a man of Moroccan origin.

Justin Trudeau bails on long-held promise to change Canada’s voting system

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[See also: New Democrats Call Trudeau A 'Liar' For Scrapping Electoral Reform; Elizabeth May: 'Feminist' PM Threw 'Young Women Cabinet Ministers Under The Bus'. *RON*]
Joanna Smith, Canadian Press / Global News, 1 February 2017

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is abandoning his long-held promise to change the way Canadians vote in federal elections – an about-face that has opposition rivals seeing red.

In a mandate letter for newly appointed Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould, Trudeau makes it clear that electoral reform – once top of mind for the Liberal government – is no longer on the agenda.

“Changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate,” the prime minister writes in the letter, released Wednesday.