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Former HBOS manager found guilty of corruption and fraud

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[The wheels of justice grind slowly on for the banksters - this story was first reported in 2008! *RON*]
Andy Verity & David Lewis, BBC, 30 January 2017

Six people, including two former HBOS bankers, have been found guilty of bribery and fraud that cost the bank's business customers and shareholders hundreds of millions of pounds.

Lynden Scourfield, a former manager with HBOS, pleaded guilty to six counts including corruption.

Five other defendants, including so-called turnaround consultants, were also convicted.

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More than 100 natural world heritage sites degraded by human activity, says report

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["The world would never accept the Acropolis being knocked down, nor a couple of pyramids being flattened for housing estates or roads, yet, right now, across our planet, we are letting many of our natural world heritage sites be fundamentally altered." Forest loss worst in North America and Australia, with 63% of sites under increased pressure from infrastructure, agriculture and settlements. *RON*]
Michael Slezak, The Guardian, 31 January 2017
More than 100 of the world’s most precious natural assets are being severely damaged by encroaching human activities, according to a study examining direct human footprints and forest losses.

Natural world heritage sites are are identified by Unesco and include 229 sites around the world that are considered to have “outstanding universal values” that transcend national boundaries.

Green movement 'greatest threat to freedom', says Trump adviser

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[Climate-change denier Myron Ebell says he expects Trump to withdraw the US from the global climate change agreement. And it spreads, see also: Judge in environmental activist's trial says climate change is matter of debate. *RON*]
Damian Carrington, The Guardian, 30 January 2017
The environmental movement is “the greatest threat to freedom and prosperity in the modern world”, according to an adviser to the US president Donald Trump’s administration.

Myron Ebell, who has denied the dangers of climate change for many years and led Trump’s transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) until the president’s recent inauguration, also said he fully expected Trump to keep his promise to withdraw the US from the global agreement to fight global warming.

Canadians' Internet Data Affected As Trump Cancels Privacy Rules

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[Could there not be a law that Canadian Internet traffic stays within Canada? "Given the close integration between U.S. and Canadian agencies — as well as the fact that Canadian Internet traffic frequently traverses into the U.S. — there are serious implications for Canadian privacy." *RON*]
Daniel Tencer, Huffington Post, 31 January 2017
Activists and academics are calling on Canada’s privacy commissioner to investigate after an executive order from President Donald Trump last week stripped Canadians and other foreigners of the limited digital privacy protections they had enjoyed previously in the U.S.

The move could affect up to 90 per cent of Internet traffic in Canada, which is commonly routed through the U.S.

Alexandre Bissonnette, Quebec Mosque Attack Suspect, Is A Fan Of Donald Trump

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[The Donald's twitter feed has been uncharacteristically silent about Alexandre Bissonnettte, the White, Christian, native Canadian, pro-Trump, pro-Marine Le Pen, anti-feminist, anti-immigration terrorist. See also: Bigotry doesn't follow borders, advocates say after U.S. travel ban, Quebec mosque attack. *RON*]
Colin Perkel, Canadian Press / Huffington Post, 31 January 2017

A university student accused of carrying out the horrific massacre on a mosque in Quebec City was a fan of U.S. President Donald Trump, a far right leader in France and the separatist Parti Quebecois as well as a bird and chess enthusiast, according to what appeared to be his Facebook account.