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Bay Street pressured Liberals to break promise to close CEO tax loophole, documents show

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[ Neoliberal politics and corporate welfare queens. *RON*]
Press Progress, 6 January 2017 by PressProgress

Finance Minister Bill Morneau may not have told the full story.

When Morneau announced the Liberal government would not move forward on a key campaign promise to close a $750 million tax loophole used by CEOs and other "high-income Canadians" last year, he claimed his reversal was in response to feedback from small start-ups.

But Finance Canada documents newly obtained by PressProgress under Access to Information show Morneau forgot a detail or two – the finance minister heard from some old friends on Bay Street too.

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If someone doesn’t like immigrants, ask them this question

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[Read the comments made on the original article for perfect illustrations of motivated reasoning. *RON*]

By Jeff Guo, Washington Post, 6 January 2017
For all of the ruckus over anchor babies and border walls and mass deportation, Americans know little about the nation’s immigrants.

Half of the public believes that immigrants make crime worse, when data shows they are actually more law-abiding than the native-born. Fifty-nine percent complain that immigrants aren't learning English fast enough, when in fact they are more fluent than past immigrants.

Despite fact check after fact check, these false stereotypes dominate. A new study shows that Americans wildly overestimate not only the number of immigrants in the country but also the number of immigrants who are in jail and the number of immigrants who can’t speak English.

Facebook refuses to explain why live torture video wasn't removed sooner

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[Company won’t say why video showing a man bound, gagged and cut with a knife amid shouts of ‘fuck Donald Trump’ wasn’t taken down for 30 minutes. See also: Facebook Live will change social media – but in what way? *RON*]
Olivia Solon & Sam Levin, The Guardian, 6 January 2017
Facebook on Thursday refused to respond to mounting questions over its apparent failure to take down a live broadcast of the brutal attack of a young manwith disabilities in Chicago.

Wednesday’s Facebook Live video showing a man bound, gagged and cut with a knife amid shouts of “fuck Donald Trump” undermines the company’s efforts to market the tool.

For the last few months, Facebook has been running a multimedia advertising campaign encouraging users to try its video live-streaming product.

Justin Trudeau may be the last neoliberal standing

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[A Clintonian ("I feel your pain") neoliberal in an increasingly populist world, Trudeau won simply because anything seemed better than Stephen Harper. *RON*]
Rick Salutin,, 6 January 2017

Let's be clear on why Trump won. (Won the Electoral College, not the election. A strong enough majority of Americans voted against him.) It wasn't because of racism, fear of immigrants or misogyny. White supremacists and Confederate flag buffs didn't do it -- though they backed him.

He won because he carried four states in the rust belt, where factories once guaranteed people decent lives and which Democrats had always taken for granted. Hillary didn't even campaign there. Without them, Trump loses. In those states, the issue was hatred of free trade, largely in the form of NAFTA. It's now so despised that the term, free, is absent. People refer disgustedly merely to "trade deals."

First Nations decline invite to Canada 150 event, cite onerous task of washing hair during Boil Water Advisory

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[A CBC Comedy piece. 90 First Nations in this country living under drinking water advisories while the Feds commit to spending half a billion on #Canada150. A side-note, not mentioned here: providing Aboriginal communities with clean drinking water does not qualify under Trudeau's infrastructure funding program because it does not make a profit. *RON*]
Courtney Skye, CBC Comedy, 5 January 2017
SOMEWHERE IN CANADA YOU ASSUME IS FARTHER AWAY THAN IT ACTUALLY IS—A local First Nations community has declined the Prime Minister's invitation to an upcoming Canada 150 event called "Come Hang Around the Fort". While the community is sincerely remorseful for missing out on a key milestone of reconciliation set by the Prime Minister, members explain that living under a Boil Water Advisory is not only a gross abuse of human rights, it's also time-consuming and physically exhausting.