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B.C.'s LNG minister predicts northern coast LNG decision by mid-2017

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[BC ELECTION 2017! Never was a Minister more full of natural gas. And who could possibly guess what that scientific, unbiased decision will be? And where ARE those Kinder-Morgan protests, by the way? *RON*]
The Canadian Press, Vancouver Observer, 28 December 2016

British Columbia's minister of natural gas development is offering an optimistic prediction about the future of the proposed $36-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG project on B.C.'s northern coast.

Rich Coleman says a decision on the development near Prince Rupert could come within the first six months of 2017.

Coleman says he is very familiar with the development's design and tendering process and he anticipates several more meetings by mid-January with officials from Petronas, the project's majority owner.

18 Signs That Show We've Reached the Climate Tipping Point

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[An interesting list of issues to keep in mind as Trump-mania marches forward. *RON*]
By Bruce Melton, Truthout, 30 December 2016

Our planet's systems have a tremendous capacity to absorb punishment before they begin to show signs of degradation. Earth's ecology self-heals like a cut on a finger. It assimilates pollution by chemical, physical and biological means—it changes pollutants into non-hazardous materials and proceeds upon its merry way as if there had been no pollution at all. Up to a point.

Acid rain is an excellent example of how our planet can self-heal. By the late 1960s, the U.S. was emitting so many sulfate and nitrate pollutants (smog) from burning fossil fuels, that sulfuric acid washed from the sky was killing forests and lakes. President Richard Nixon's Clean Air Act stopped about half of the sulfur from going into our atmosphere. This was enough to allow nature to take over again and our forests and lakes began t…

The 500 richest people in the world got $237 billion richer in 2016

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[This is still the world of the robber barons. Everything’s bigger in Richistan. *RON*]
Alan Pyke, ThinkProgress, 28 December 2016.
As right-wing politicians around the world gathered power by scapegoating immigrants for the economic struggles of working people, the world’s richest people got nearly a quarter trillion dollars richer in 2016.

The 500 wealthiest individuals on a planet of roughly 8 billion humans gained $237 billion in personal net worth over the year, according to Bloomberg.

The Death of Clintonism

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["With Hillary Clinton's loss, Democrats are burying a once-winning way of politics." We'll see. Much depends on what happens to the old Praetorian guard who bullied her to the head of the pack within the Party. It's hard to see the party machine weaning itself from all those Wall Street and Silicon Valley checks. *RON*]

Todd S. Purdum, Politico, 30 December 2016

In September 1963, two months before his death, John F. Kennedy mused aloud to his old friend the journalist Charles Bartlett about the prospects for the 1968 presidential election, in which, he presciently worried, his brother Robert might run against Lyndon Johnson.

“He gave me the feeling he wasn’t pleased,” Bartlett would recall years later. “He wanted a record of his own. I sensed that he wanted the Kennedy administration to be Jack, and Bobby was going to turn it into a succession thing. Jack didn’t want a dynasty, although I am sure his father would have wante…

Canada’s Hemisphere

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[It would be nice if someone ever paid serious attention to the nightmares created by the Canadian mining industry around the world. Canadian foreign policy sees Latin America as a playground for its most voracious corporations. In this Trudeau is not one whit different from Harper. *RON*]

Todd Gordon & Jeffery R. Webber, Jacobin Magazine, 29 December 2016
In recent years, the Canadian state has lent its support to a repressive post-coup regime in Honduras; it has provided military and ideological backing for a repressive regime in Colombia, one which boasts the hemisphere’s worst record on human rights; it has aggressively interfered in the domestic affairs of left-of-center Latin American governments, such as that of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Rafael Correa in Ecuador; it has supported ecological destruction and the dislocation of vulnerable populations in the region through its support for Canadian natural resource companies; it has pro…

Something About This Russia Story Stinks

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[Matt's in great form these days! Nearly a decade and a half after the Iraq-WMD faceplant, the American press is again asked to co-sign a dubious intelligence assessment. *RON*]

Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, 20 December 2016
In an extraordinary development Thursday, the Obama administration announced a series of sanctions against Russia. Thirty-five Russian nationals will be expelled from the country. President Obama issued a terse statement seeming to blame Russia for the hack of the Democratic National Committee emails.

"These data theft and disclosure activities could only have been directed by the highest levels of the Russian government," he wrote.