It's Cleaning Time Again!

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The Consent of the (Un)Governed, Longreads [“We watch a bunch of badly-fitted suits frogmarch our nations down the road to economic calamity and climate destruction, and we tell ourselves that we chose this, that we have some sort of control, that there is a thing called democracy that is working more or less as it was designed to. We want to believe that some of this is our fault, because if it isn’t, then maybe we can’t do anything to stop it. This is the experience of being a citizen of a notionally liberal, notionally democratic country”]

Global Warming’s Worst-Case Projections Look Increasingly Likely, MIT Technology Review

Portugal’s radical drugs policy is working. Why hasn’t the world copied it? The Guardian

Europe’s Power Suppliers Plan to Go Carbon-Neutral “Well Before” 2050, Futurism

Brexit: media noise, [One of the better editorials I've seen]

Impact assessments of Brexit on the UK 'don't exist', BBC [Shocking if you think about for more than a micro-second, particularly given the wild and detailed economic promises made by the Brexiteers]

Ex-Mesa Officer Philip Brailsford found not guilty of murder in shooting of unarmed man, AZ Central [A shocking story from the American police state]

Torquemada Makes a Comeback - The Spanish Inquisition has Arrived in Moscow, The Russophile [Utterly bizarre]

Ex-VW exec gets seven years in 'dieselgate' scandal, MSN

How Internet Monopolies Are Destroying the Web, Ian Welsh