Green Energy Barometer

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[These are newly-released highlights of the Canadian results from the world's largest survey of attitudes toward Green energy, the Green Energy Barometer. *RON*]

  • Most of Canada wants green energy. 
    • 84% believe it is important to create a world fully powered by renewable energy, regardless of age, education level or political ideology. 
  • Support for renewable energy is especially rooted in: 
    • National pride about technology leadership. 78% say they will be proud if Canada invests time and money to become a global leader in green energy. 
    • Concern about climate change. 63% believe climate change is a global challenge, making it the second-most pressing global challenge in Canada. 
    • Economic benefits. 74% say building and producing more green energy will boost economic growth. 
    • A wish for leadership. 72% say the country should either be the world leader or among the most ambitious countries in terms of developing and producing green energy. 
  • People in Canada want their country to increase usage of a variety of renewable energy types including solar, offshore wind and onshore wind