With spike in asylum seekers, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium to be used as shelter

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[Eventually we will figure out that both asylum seeking and radicalization are a result of the long-term effects of stigmatization, humiliation, and insidious forms of rejection and and exclusion directed at disadvantaged populations, both locally and internationally. *RON*]

Canadian Press, Global News, 2 August 2017

As undocumented immigrants in the U.S. see more and more accounts of Canadian authorities welcoming migrants crossing into Canada, more asylum seekers are tempted to follow. Mike Armstrong spoke with Syrians who crossed the border and tells you why one tiny, dead-end road in Quebec became Canada’s busiest unofficial border crossing.
Montreal’s Olympic Stadium will be housing asylum seekers after a spike in the number of people crossing at the United States border in recent months.

The stadium is being transformed into a refugee housing centre to deal with the influx.

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According to recent federal government data, including preliminary figures for June, there was a “pronounced shift” in the number of people crossing at the Quebec-U.S. border.

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Montreal declares itself ‘sanctuary city’ as influx of asylum seekers arrives

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Francine Dupuis, who oversees a government-funded program to help seekers get on their feet, tells Radio-Canada the numbers are unprecedented.

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Volunteers from the Quebec Red Cross are helping set up the cavernous facility for a temporary stay with cots in the rotunda.

The first people are expected to arrive at the stadium today.


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