Clearing out the Backlog

[I couldn't make a selection this morning, so I'm clearing out a few more backlogged links. Choose what you will! *RON*]

Opioid Prescriptions Across The U.S., Five Thirty-Eight

A bunch of indicators are warning of 'a break in the stock market', Business Insider

Study finds human influence in the Amazon's third 1-in-100 year drought since 2005, The Guardian

The Not-So-Secret Ingredients of Military Coups, War on the Rocks

These cheap phones come at a price -- your privacy, C|Net

A Shameful Silence: Where is the Outrage Over the Slaughter of Civilians in Mosul?, Defend Democracy Press

For China’s Global Ambitions, ‘Iran Is at the Center of Everything’, New York Times

CIA analyst: Beijing poses a greater threat than Russia, Asia Times


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