Tory MP Cheryl Gallant slams media for 'fake news' around Omar Khadr

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[You'll see a lot of this kind of thing in the press, and hear these opinions voiced by people around you. Do yourself a favour and read this Facebook posting before launching into any discussions on this subject. *RON*]

Ottawa Citizen, 18 July 2017
Cheryl Gallant, Conservative, Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke.
Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant is accusing media outlets, including seemingly the Citizen, of putting out “fake news” in regards to their coverage of the federal government’s $10.5-million settlement with Omar Khadr.

“Whether it’s the Toronto Star, CBC, Globe and Mail, CTV or even the National Post, editorialists and columnists have been tripping over themselves in a rush to justify Justin’s payout to Khadr,” Gallant said, in a video posted to her Facebook page last week, against a backdrop that included media signs including the Ottawa Citizen logo.

Gallant, the MP for Renfrew–Nipissing–Pembroke, made the statement in a 10-minute news-style segment called “Gallant Night News” or GNN.

She introduced her video by talking about her previous episode in which she had interviewed a veteran who was injured in Afghanistan. She also talked about Julie Payette becoming the next Governor General, about the Bank of Canada raising interest rates and about her thoughts on how some media outlets have covered the $10.5-million payout to Khadr. The money was part of a settlement of Khadr’s multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the federal government for violating his charter rights during interrogations at Guantanamo Bay.

“(The media) has been working overtime to ‘media-splain’ why you should zip it and just accept the payout,” Gallant said.

“They brought out fake news story after fake news story claiming that it was all somehow Harper’s fault. That Trudeau had no choice.”

Gallant said that apart from letters to editor and “a few rebels” it was hard to find media who oppose the payout.

“They have so thoroughly cocooned themselves into their tiny media bubble that no amount of basic common sense can be penetrating,” Gallant said.

Gallant refers to the recent poll released by the Angus Reid Institute that said 71 per cent of Canadians believe that the government made the wrong decision by settling with the Khadr.

“Canadians do not want a government that gives $10 million to somebody who built a roadside bombs when the same government is refusing to give a benefit to a qualifying veteran injured by a roadside bomb,” Gallant said.

In her last video posted two weeks ago, Gallant interviewed a veteran named Roger Perrault who was injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan and who she said was denied his critical injury benefit.

The video has received 1,400 views on Facebook.


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