Roll your own...

[I've got a backlog of articles again. Pick your own from the following set of links. *RON*]

How Low Can Taxes Go? Outside Washington, Republicans Find Limits, New York Times

Bad news for climate contrarians – 'the best data we have' just got hotter, Guardian

Why has Italy been spared mass terror attacks in recent years?, Guardian

The Massive Protest Putting Turkey's Erdogan on the Defensive, War on the Rocks

The Fall of Working-Class New York, Jacobin

Royal Navy mission fails to curb flow of migrants across Mediterranean, The Times [Program caused more to die]

Beyond Sharing Report, Part 1: Benefits of Community-Owned Renewable Energy, Clean Technica

Lack of ethics education for computer programmers shocks expert, Stuff

Geospatial analysis of nonmedical vaccine exemptions and pertussis outbreaks in the United States, PNAS

Catholic Church: Women are to Blame for Pedophile Priests, Neon Nettle

Escalating racism toward Indigenous people 'a real problem' in Thunder Bay, National Post


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