Today's Trumpery

[A daily pastiche of Trumpisms and responses thereto. *RON*]

Europe can no longer ‘completely depend’ on America, Merkel says, Think Progress

The Alleged Kushner–Kislyak Meeting: Amateur Hour May Be Worse Than ‘Collusion’, National Review

Security Breach: Trump’s tussle with the bureaucratic state, Harpers [Everybody is doing a swell job of creating a crisis of legitimacy all around]

Homeland Security chief defends Russia back channel, CBC News [Homeland Security: 'This is all normal and natural'...]

Trump attacks 'fake news' following Kushner reports, Reuters [Trump: 'This is all lies and fake news!']

An Appalled Dan Rather Goes After Trump for Failing to Condemn Portland Murders as Terrorism, AlterNet

Woman found guilty and faces year in jail for laughing at Jeff Sessions, The Independent


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