Cleaning out the files

[Once again I've gotten too large of a backlog of articles. Here's a sampling from my clear-out list; choose the one(s) that interest you! *RON*]

Swiss vote to ditch nuclear power for renewable energy, CTV News

Julian Assange: Sweden drops investigation against Wikileaks founder based in Ecuador's London embassy, The Independent

Auditor General Questions Liberal Plan To Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Huffington Post

There is no way to save the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women from its fatal flaws,

Less than 1% of surplus food from farms and manufacturers used to feed hungry, The Guardian

Yemen Foreign Minister: 'Our Enemies Want to Starve Us', Spiegel Online

Israel loses its grip on democracy, Le Monde Diplomatique

Inside the Effort to Kill Protections for Endangered Animals, National Geographic

4 in 5 Green Party supporters oppose coalition with Christy Clark's BC Liberals, PressProgress

Chinese appetite for totoaba fish bladder kills off rare porpoise, The Guardian

Australian oil well leaked into ocean for months – but spill kept secret, The Guardian


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