Christian Terrorist Shoots and Kills Montana Deputy

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[I looked around a bit and, while this story is covered on a number of local Montana news sites, Barrus is invariably simply described as 'the suspect' - the fact that he is a White Nationalist Christian terrorist is simply ignored. *RON*]

Michael Stone, Progressive Secular Humanist, 17 May 2017

Lloyd Montier Barrus Shoots and Kills Montana Deputy (Image via Missoula County Sheriff’s Office)
Jesus and Guns: A gun-loving, conservative Christian, white nationalist, is under arrest for fatally shooting a Montana deputy.

Lloyd Montier Barrus, 61, is being held on a felony deliberate homicide charge after he shot and killed a Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office deputy during a traffic stop early Tuesday morning.

Barrus, an ammosexual with a love for Jesus and a contempt for authority, is being held in the Missoula County jail.

KTVQ reports Barrus is “a frequent user of social media, sharing posts of guns, hangings, Bible verses and patriotic images online,” noting:
Barrus frequently sounds a religious note in his posts, including pictures of highlighted passages from his bible.
One passage in particular from Isaiah in the Old Testament highlights references to the historical responsibility of a sheriff, a frequent theme of individuals who chafe at government authority, believing a sheriff outranks everyone.
However, most media outlets are ignoring the shooters strong religious affiliation, and obvious connection to conservative Christian, white nationalism.

Writing for Friendly Atheist, David G. McAfee observes:
…. and, once again, much of the media misses (or ignores) that the suspect in custody is a fundamentalist Christian.
In fact, a glimpse at the killer’s Facebook page reveals a man with an unhealthy, obsessive nationalism, a man who celebrates the Confederate flag, a man who opposes immigrants, a man who clings to his guns, and his Bible. In short, he is one of Trump’s Americans, one of the deplorables Hillary Clinton warned us about in the 2016 election.

To be fair, at this point nobody knows exactly what the killer’s motives were, and it is not clear at this time that Barrus’ conservative Christian faith, coupled with his anti-authoritarian, white nationalism, was the cause of his heinous crime. However, it is important to note the double standard. If Barrus had been a Muslim extremist, it seems quite certain the media would have placed the killer’s religion front and center in the story.

Bottom line: A “Muslim killer” fits the established media narrative, whereas a “Christian killer” does not. Thus, early reports about the tragic murder of the Montana deputy have ignored the white nationalism and Christian extremism of the killer.


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