The BC Ministry of Environment Approves Discharge into Quesnel Lake

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! A short web site posting by the Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake. This is how far Christy Clark is from punishing the Mount Polley corporation for causing one of the worst mining disasters in BC history. While you're at it, see also: Nature lovers ask B.C. Hydro to delay destruction of rarely-seen bird's nesting ground. *RON*]

Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake, 7 April 2017

This afternoon the BC MOE released the news that they have approved MPMC's application to discharge treated mine effluent into Quesnel Lake, until December 2022.

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Click here for the Infographics of how this is going to work

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There isn't much left to say to day, but I have enclosed the thoughts of one of our CCQL members

"This is a sad day! One of the saddest I've experienced- we've just lost one of the most pristine- naturally pure bodies of water in this province and certainly in this country! Probably North America- FOR WHAT! GREED of Industry, nothing more ..."


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