Better Government for British Columbia

[I don't know who this group consists of, but ELECTION BC 2017!! See also: # 12 - BC Liberals Love Those Foreign Donations. *RON*]

To quote from their web site:

Dear British Columbian,

Do you want a better BC government elected in the May 9, 2017 provincial election?

I’m sure your answer is yes.

So do we!

The Better Government BC Society was formed because it’s time to elect a new type of government, a government with integrity. And a government that takes big money out of politics once and for all!

Please, take a look at our video and share it widely. You can do so amongst your friends through email, Facebook and other social media.

However, if you spend any money to promote this video and website after the BC election officially begins on April 11 you need to register as a 3rd Party Advertiser with Elections BC. Before April 11 there is no requirement to register or disclose spending on advertising.

To emphasize: there is no restriction on individuals sharing the video or website by email, or on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. You can also post it on your own website.

The Better Government BC Society does not have a multi-million dollar budget like the big money campaigns attacking the BC NDP and leader John Horgan. Nor can we compete with the BC Liberal Party’s more than $13 million raised in 2016, mostly from big businesses.

We are a small group who are opposed to big money politics - where the biggest donors to the BC Liberals get what they want and citizens like us suffer. Like you we want integrity in government. Our plan is to raise a few thousand dollars to promote this video. That’s it. But we hope that people like you will promote the video and our call for a better government for British Columbians. By sharing this video and getting active in the campaign, you can help elect a better government. So please:

Share the ABC video and website;
Consider promoting this video and website with your own advertising – and you must register with Elections BC as a 3rd Party Advertiser if you do so starting April 11;
Make a donation to the Better Government BC Society and we will do whatever advertising contributions to our Society allow. If your contribution comes as of April 11 or later, be advised we will at that point be registered with Elections BC as a 3rd Party Advertiser and will be disclosing donations and reporting expenses as required by the BC Election Act. We are all volunteers.
To make a donation please email us at: and we will be in touch immediately with details of how you can contribute to a Better Government for our province.
Thank you in advance for your support of a Better Government for BC!

Authorized by The Better Government BC Society, registered sponsor under the Election Act, 604-258-9084.


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