# 12 - BC Liberals Love Those Foreign Donations

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[BC ELECTION 2017!! A good series by Project Democracy. See also: #11 – Big Timber, Big Donations, Big Trouble, #10 Digging Up The Gold For The BC Liberals, #9 – Tinted Windows – Cash For Access To The BC Liberals. Check their web site for the rest in the series. *RON*]

Project Democracy, 13 April 2017

Today we kick off the BC Liberals’ Dirty Dozen Donations series, a recap of the worst ways in which big money interests buy influence and elections in BC in cahoots with the BC Liberal Party.

If there is one way BC is like a tin-pot dictatorship, look no further than the fact that foreign and out-of-province companies and individuals can make unlimited donations to our political parties to curry favour and to influence elections. And the BC Liberals really like it that way.

Most civilized countries, and most provinces ban all political donations from outside their jurisdiction. After all, democracy is supposed to be based on the principle of one person, one vote, with an emphasis on person (not corporation or union), and vote (ie. a person living here and therefore able to cast a ballot).

But not BC. And the BC Liberals seriously cash in. As Douglas Todd at the Sun points out, the BC Liberals take big bagfuls of foreign money, from corporations like:
  • Omni Contracting (developer, Arizona)
  • Holborn Group (developer, Malaysia)
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway (coal shipper through BC, USA)
  • Kinder Morgan (oil and gas pipelines, USA)
  • Bank of China
  • Woodfibre LNG (Singapore)
  • And many, many, many more…
Since 2015 alone, the BC Liberals have taken $1.2 million in foreign donations. That’s a lot of dough to buy the right government direction on real estate, fossil fuel projects, lax mining enforcement, and inaction on climate change.

Too bad average BC citizens can’t pay to play in the same way, in what is supposed to be their own democracy.

All major BC political parties other than the BC Liberals have pledged to ban corporate, union, and foreign donations. Vote for change on May 9.

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