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This Melting Glacier in Antarctica Could Raise Sea Levels By 11 Feet

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[See also: Collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet Reveals Inadequacy of Current Climate Strategies. *RON*]

Grennan Millkend, Motherboard Vice, 17 December 2016
The Earth’s climate, it seems, isn’t listening to the politicians that are insisting it’s not warming. The temperature continues to rise incrementally, and the globe’s large glaciers—giant vaults of stored water—continue to melt, releasing into the oceans. The global sea level, due to thermal expansion and glacial melting, continues to rise, building up a head of steam like a train just beginning its descent down a steep hill.

UN pushes for murder probe into Rodrigo Duterte

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[Incredible. President Duterte admitted last week to "personally" killing three men as mayor of Davao City during a gunfight in the 1980s. If you'd like to see the full half-hour Al Jazeera documentary on this mad man, click here: 101 East - Rodrigo Duterte: A President's Report Card. *RON*]
Source: News agencies, Al Jazeera, 20 December 2016

The UN's human rights chief has urged Philippine authorities to investigate President Rodrigo Duterte's claims that he killed three people while mayor of Davao City, as well as the growing carnage in his war on drugs.

FERC Suggests Spectra Energy Gas Facility Would Not Pose Cancer Risk, Based on Study by Spectra Consultant

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[Regulatory capture defined: When assessment of the public risk created by the private sector is contracted out to the private sector. Pre-Trump, and the foxes are already in charge of the hen-house. *RON*]

By Itai Vardi, DeSmog Blog, 20 December 2016
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) concluded in an environmental assessment that a proposed Spectra Energy gas compressor station in a residential Massachusetts neighborhood would not increase the risk of cancer in nearby residents.

However, it came to this conclusion via a questionable route — by citing a study done by a firm simultaneously working for Spectra.

Christy Clark hammers out her jobs platform ahead of B.C. election

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[Stunning cynicism. You don't know whether to laugh or cry. The woman has been 'hammering out' her job plan for six years now with no sign of jobs and keeps getting re-elected! *RON*]

Dirk Meissner, Canadian Press / Globe & Mail, 21 December 2016

Premier Christy Clark never seems to miss the chance to put on a hard hat and pose with workers for what has become the trademark photo opportunity of her government.

Berlin market attack suspect killed in Milan after shootout with police – live

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[Berlin Christmas market attack. Twitter feed. *RON*]
Anis Amri was stopped during a ‘routine check’ He was shot dead after opening fireOne officer was shot by Amri and is recovering in hospitalGerman interior ministry speaks of ‘relief’Haroon Siddique, The Guardian, 23 December 2016

Milan police kill Berlin attack suspect in shootout
18m agoAmri made video pledging allegiance to Isis
4h agoAnis Amri confirmed killed.

37s ago14:34
Italian state police have tweeted a picture of where a bullet fired by Amri entered the uniform of the wounded Italian police officer Christian Movio:Polizia di Stato(@poliziadistato) Bullet hole in the uniform of the policeman wounded in the shoot-out with Anis Amri. Now having surgery but not in a critical condition 23, 2016

'Let it be an arms race': Donald Trump clarifies position on nuclear weapons

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[President-elect tells MSNBC: ‘We will outmatch them at every pass.’ Confusion over nuclear policy reigns as aides seek to explain tweet. *RON*]
Martin Pengelly and Agencies, The Guardian, 23 December 2016
Asked on Friday morning for clarification of his remarks about America’s need to “strengthen and expand” its nuclear weapons, President-elect Donald Trump said: “Let it be an arms race.”