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Politics got weird because neoliberalism failed to deliver

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[This, in my opinion, is the simple truth. *RON*]
Cory Doctorow, boingboing, 17 December 2016

Ian Welsh says that the USSR collapsed because its promises -- "a cornucopia and a withering away of the state" -- conspicuously failed to materialize; now, neoliberalism's promises ("If the rich have more money, they will create more jobs; Lower taxes will lead to more prosperity; Increases in housing and stock market prices will increase prosperity for everyone; Trade deals and globalization will make everyone better off") are likewise being shown to be lies, and so we're in crisis.

Navajo Nation Seeks $160 Million in Damages for Gold King Mine Spill

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[Navajo Nation farmers are still suffering the consequences 16 months after three million gallons of mining waste flowed into the San Juan River. "The EPA admitted responsibility for the spill but has not yet compensated Navajo residents for the damage or guaranteed that the water is safe to use." *RON*]
Alysa Landry, Indian Country Media Network, 19 December 2016
The Navajo Nation is seeking more than $160 million in damages and for alleged ongoing injuries caused by the August 2015 Gold King Mine spill, which released millions of gallons of toxic wastewater into one of the tribe’s significant waterways.

The Navajo Nation Department of Justice has filed a claim against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for $159 million in damages and $3.2 million to cover expenses already submitted that have yet to be reimbursed, the tribe said on December 5.

Is the RBI Getting Its Math on New Notes Wrong?

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[This whole exercise has been an incredible fiasco. The apex bank has repeatedly said that there are enough new notes available in the banking system. But the numbers they are providing show a different reality. *RON*]
Ian S, The Wire, 18 December 2016

New Delhi: Either the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is uncharacteristically cavalier with the demonetisation-related figures it has given out periodically since November 8 or, more worryingly, its number crunchers are getting their math mixed up.

For the numbers that the apex bank has put out so far do not add up and, indeed, lead to two inevitable conclusions.

Trudeau's Pipeline Approval Faces Court Challenge From Conservation Groups

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["Sorry. We only accept scientific advice that confirms the decision we've already made." *RON*]
Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press / Huffington Post, 20 December 2016

OTTAWA — Conservation groups have filed a new court challenge to the federal government's approval of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline.

The request for judicial review filed with the Federal Court of Appeal late Monday in Calgary is at least the eighth legal test of the controversial project, which will almost triple the capacity of an existing, 1,150-kilometre pipeline from near Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C.

Trudeau announces review of Arctic strategy, joint drilling ban with U.S.

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[See also: Just How ‘Permanent’ Is Obama’s Arctic Drilling Ban? *RON*]
CBC News, 21 December 2016
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama announced a ban on offshore oil and gas activity in the Arctic in a joint statement issued Tuesday.

"Today, President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau are proud to launch actions ensuring a strong, sustainable and viable Arctic economy and ecosystem, with low-impact shipping, science-based management of marine resources, and free from the future risks of offshore oil and gas activity," the statement read.