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Uber, Gig Economy: “The Brutality of the System Is Being Lost on Those Who Actually Use These Apps”

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[And while you're at it: Uber and Lyft Are Threatening to Expose Poor and Elderly to Predatory Practices. *RON*]
Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism, 17 December 2016

Izabella Kaminska has been an Uber skeptic for some time (see Why Uber’s capital costs will creep ever higher and The taxi unicorn’s new clothes). In this video, she signs up as a gig economy worker and uses her experience to explore what she argues is a new form of feudalism. I particularly like her reference to Snow Crash.

Mylan launches EpiPen generic at $300 per two-pack

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[We have given the public an amazing 50% off our normal 20,000% mark-up! And only 200% above our previous price! *RON*]
Ankur Banerjee, Reuters, 16 December 2016

Mylan launches EpiPen generic at $300 per two-pack 01:19
Mylan NV, which has come under fire for its drug pricing, said on Friday it would start selling a generic version of its life-saving EpiPen allergy treatment for $300 per two-pack, a more than 50 percent discount.

Prosecutor Asks Judge to Keep Environmental, Treaty Issues Out of First Protester Trial

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[They are there because they are protesting treaty issues. "People have gotten arrested while espousing their political viewpoint which at some point the state contends violates the law." *RON*]
Staff | Bismarck Tribune – Dec 15, 2016

Like Trudeau, Premier Clark will approve Kinder Morgan. Here’s why.

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[Chinese-owned Nexen has donated $58,696 to the BC Liberals. Devon has given the BC Liberals $75,805. France’s Total E&P has given $3,000 to the BC Liberals. Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. has given the BC Liberals $171,480. Cenovus has donated more than $85,400 to the ruling party and Imperial Oil has also donated $111,790. Suncor has given more than $48,000 to the BC Liberals. Most of these companies donated in 2015, after Kinder Morgan’s self-imposed “ban” on political donations. *RON*]

Lisa Sammartino, Dogwood Initiative, 15 December 2016

Industry backers have donated at least $610,000 to ensure Trans Mountain’s provincial approval.

Last week Prime Minister Trudeau announced his approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion because, as he’d have us believe, “it meets the strictest of environment standards.” Trudeau directly addressed British Columbians with these words: “If I thought this project was unsafe for the B.C. coast, I wou…

Brazil austerity move slammed as disaster for the poor

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[Critics say government bid to pull country out of worst recession in decades with drastic measure hurts poorest most. *RON*]

Sam Cowie, Al Jazeera, 17 December 2016

Sao Paulo, Brazil - The government's attempt to pull the country out of its worst recession in decades via a drastic austerity measure has been blasted by critics - including a UN special rapporteur - as a disaster for the poor.

The constitutional amendment known as PEC 55 passed the final vote in Brazil’s senate on Tuesday by 53 votes to 16 and will see federal spending on health, education, infrastructure and science and technology frozen for up to 20 years - and only adjusted for inflation.