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How to cut the prison population, save $18 billion a year and keep America safe

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[The usual illuminating US reader comments: "More hug a thug BS." *RON*]

By Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post, 12 December 2016
A new report from the Brennan Center for Justice concludes that “unnecessary incarceration” — imprisoning people for low-level offenses and keeping them there for years — is ruining hundreds of thousands of lives, wasting billions of dollars and having little effect on public safety.

These Photos Show the People Who Turn a Cotton Plant Into Your Jeans

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[The Antebellum US South hasn't disappeared, it has globalized. Following the path of cotton from Burkina Faso to Bangladesh to your local mall. *RON*]

By Meta Krese & Jošt Franko, The Nation, 12 December 2016

You can learn a lot about how our global capitalist economy came into being by tracking the production of one of our most basic commodities: cotton. By connecting growers, workers, traders, factory owners, and consumers in a supply and distribution network that reaches across the world, cotton has played an integral role in forging the efficient and ruthless structures of today’s globalized economy.

This project was produced with support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

Half a million South Koreans celebrate impeaching of president Park Geun-hye

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[Weird case, e.g., Did a puppy bring down South Korea's president? Large numbers of protester have taken to the streets marking Friday’s suspension of Park’s presidential powers with music, chanting and fireworks. Meanwhile Christine Legarde is wriggling on the hook for cronyism: IMF chief Christine Lagarde placed under investigation in €400m fraud and corruption case. *RON*]
Justin McCurry, The Guardian, 12 December 2016
Angry protests against the South Korean president, Park Geun-hye, have turned into celebrations following her impeachment, with thousands braving freezing temperatures over the weekend to declare a victory for people power.

Rapid rise in methane emissions in 10 years surprises scientists

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[Methane warms planet 20 times as much as similar CO2 volumes but lack of monitoring means scientists can’t be sure of sources. This is the issue with LNG in BC. *RON*]

Fiona Harvey, The Guardian, 12 December 2016

Emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas methane have surged in the past decade, threatening to thwart global attempts to combat climate change.

Scientists have been surprised by the surge, which began just over 10 years ago in 2007 and then was boosted even further in 2014 and 2015. Concentrations of methane in the atmosphere over those two years alone rose by more than 20 parts per billion, bringing the total to 1,830ppb.

Poverty Is The Expensive Root Of Many Illnesses In Canada

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[Class wars. This is especially true for the Aboriginal community. Settling land claims would do more for Aboriginal health than a century of too much medical care too late. *RON*]

Gary Bloch, Huffington Post, 12 December 2016

As a family doctor who works largely with people living on low incomes, poverty is at the root of many of the illnesses I treat. And, a dozen or so years into my career, my workload shows no sign of easing up. A shortsighted perspective would say: "good for me."

"The Cost of Poverty in Toronto" report released recently turns this thinking on its head. This report calculates that poverty costs Toronto alone five billion dollars a year.

Trump tweets that the F-35's cost is 'out of control' — and now the stock of the company that makes it is diving

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[The only place more dangerous than being between a lioness and her cubs is to get between a pig and its trough. He is SO going to be thrown out by his own party! :-) But I hope he does a lot more of this before it happens! *RON*]
Bob Bryan, Business Insider, 12 December 2016

Another stock is reeling into the red after a tweet by President-elect Donald Trump.

This time around, Trump turned his gaze to Lockheed Martin's F-35 program in a tweet early Monday morning.